Recruitment Ambassadors Program

The University of Iowa is committed to effectuating a highly qualified, diverse workforce to foster the university’s academic, research, and service goals. The Recruitment Ambassadors Program, jointly sponsored by the Department of Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, supports the University of Iowa’s strategic goals for increasing the diversity of our faculty and staff. Recruitment Ambassadors are current or former faculty and staff members who volunteer to help recruit diverse prospective employees.

Those familiar with the University of Iowa and the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Corridor already realize how vibrant the University of Iowa community is, and what an attractive quality of life the area affords its residents. The Recruitment Ambassador program is designed to be a valuable part of the search process that ensures that talented and diverse candidates that visit our campus and community can acquire a broad knowledge of all the area has to offer.

Over 20 university employees are trained and ready to aid departments in providing a more personal touch to the recruitment process. Specifically, a Recruitment Ambassador will be equipped to showcase the community and answer candidates’ questions on topics ranging from the area’s arts & culture, housing, school systems, dining & shopping, sports & recreation, and healthcare, to name just a few. Additionally, a Recruitment Ambassador will have informative and valuable resource materials regarding our local communities to give to each prospective candidate.

Arranging for a Recruitment Ambassador

To make arrangements for a Recruitment Ambassador to meet with a candidate:

  • Determine the date and time period the committee would like to arrange for the candidate to meet with an Ambassador (this could be half an hour to half a day; morning, afternoon, or evening).
  • Contact the Recruitment Ambassadors Program Coordinator and a Recruitment Ambassador will be scheduled to meet with the candidate on the desired date and time.

Recruitment Ambassadors Program

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