Examples of Departmental Awards

Listed below are some programs initiated at the department level. If you have questions, please contact the person noted.

College of Liberal Arts (CLAS) Star Volunteer Award

Recognize staff for their voluntary contributions to public good for humanitarian, civic, or other service to the UI, local, regional, national or international community performance on a voluntary basis. The person is recognized at the CLAS Staff Recognition Reception and receives award and perhaps “gold star”. Awardees are added to the CLAS website.

Contact: HR Unit Representative, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Target or Goal Accomplished

Wii game available for supervisor to use with their team when specific targets/goals have been reached. For employees to leave their unit and just have FUN for a half hour.

State Hygienic Lab

  • Applause-Applause: Recognition for above and beyond
  • Onward-Upward: Recognition for project completions
  • CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement): Recognition for process improvement
  • Memorial Awards:

Duncan Walker Award - For Sincerity, Integrity, Commitment and Respect for Diversity
Gene Ronald Award - Goes to High Achieving Student
Hausler Award - Lifetime of Achievement Award

University Human Resources

  • Consistent Performer: “Steady Betty/Eddy” Award
    Work consistently performed in exemplary fashion, with minimal direction and undeniable dedication to contributing to the workplace on a daily basis. Can be counted on to be at work, devote full effort, and complete work on time with a personally positive approach to the workplace.
  • Innovation: “Doing it Better” Award
    Improvement or introduction of a product or process that is sustainable, constitutes a new approach or “out-of-the-box” thinking, may improve efficiency, save costs, increase customer satisfaction, change how a job gets done or how a unit works together, or enhance work relationships.
  • Customer Satisfaction: “Beyond Expectations” Award
    Focus on external customer service. Effort beyond expectations; e.g., may be in anticipation of someone’s needs, rather than a response to specific request. Demonstrates initiative by linking someone to resources that allow the person to meet their needs independently in the future and walks them through it; i.e., teaches the person to fish instead of fishing for him/her.

Procedures: University Human Resources staff nominate a coworker or team, describing the consistent performance, innovation, or customer service performance observed, providing enough detail that someone unfamiliar with the situation can understand the circumstances and short-term and/or long-term outcome.

In addition, University Human Resources has traveling plaques awarded to a UHR employee or employee group that demonstrate each of the Universal Competencies:

  • Positive Impact/Achieving Results
  • Service Excellence/Customer Focus
  • Collaboration and Embracing Diversity

Contact: HR Unit Representative, University Human Resources