The IPERS retirement plan is a Defined Benefit Plan.  Retirement income is contingent on a formula based on your years of service and salary earned.  For further information on the IPERS program, please refer to their website or contact IPERS directly at (800) 622-3849.

If you participate in IPERS, you must complete an IPERS Enrollment/Beneficiary Designation Form (pdf) to designate a beneficiary for these funds in case of your death before retirement.  This form can be downloaded on the IPERS website or found in your Benefits Orientation packet.

Related Forms

PDF iconIPERS Exemption Claim Form  (pdf)




Frequently Asked Questions

No.  IPERS sends an annual report by June 30th of each year.  Members may also register for on-line access to their account information by going through the IPERS website or call IPERS at 1-800-622-3849 and request information.

Only if you are no longer employed under an IPERS covered employer.  Current law* states that an individual may not roll (transfer) their IPERS money to any account outside of IPERS unless they are no longer employed under an IPERS covered employer.  The University of Iowa is an IPERS covered employer.

*Administrative Code of Iowa, Section 495-9.1(97B).  See also pages 32-33 of the member handbook.

No.  If you are not vested (less than 7 years), you will receive only your contributions (currently 5.95% of your salary) plus the earnings.  If you are vested (7 years or more, or 4 years or more in certain circumstances), you will receive your contributions plus a prorated portion of the employer’s contributions (reaching 100% after 30 years of service) plus earnings.