The TIAA retirement plan is a Defined Contribution Plan.  Retirement is contingent upon your individual elected investment returns.  For further information on the TIAA program, please refer to their website or contact TIAA directly at (800) 842-2776.  You can also contact the Coralville office at (319) 356‑8000 or toll-free (866) 842‑2977.

If you elect to participate in TIAA, you should complete a TIAA beneficiary designation online at the TIAA website.  At this site, you can learn about the investment options available and allocate your retirement funds between any of the multiple investment options.  If you do not make an investment selection, your funds will be automatically deposited into a lifecycle fund based on your expected year of retirement based on your age.

Additional Information

TIAA Coralville Office

TIAA withdrawal policy (refund information)


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both the employee and University contributions are fully and immediately vested.  This means that you own all contributions to your account even if you leave the University before retirement.

You will be mailed a quarterly statement from TIAA to your home address.  You can also access your account on the TIAA website  with your user ID and password or by contacting TIAA at 800-842-2776.

  • Leave the funds invested with TIAA.
  • Repurchase if your TIAA account balance is under $10,000 and your TIAA Traditional fund is under $2000
  • Cash Withdrawal from all but the TIAA Traditional fund.
  • Transfer Payout Annuity from the TIAA Traditional fund.  This is paid out in 10 increments over 9 years
  • Rollover TIAA to an eligible account.
  • Choose a Life Annuity.