TIAA Local Office Contact and Release-Time Information

TIAA Coralville Office
941 East Second Avenue, Suite 201
Coralville, IA  52241
Iowa River Landing

Phone: (319) 356-8000
Toll free (866) 842-2977

The TIAA office in Coralville offers services available to you in relation to retirement savings and personal financial planning. Therefore, you may request release time from work to schedule a visit to the TIAA Office in Coralville during normal business hours. You will be limited to one appointment per calendar year without using vacation, for a maximum of two hours.

You can schedule an appointment by phone or online.

You must work with your department in scheduling the appointment to balance the needs of the work area. If you prefer not to notify your supervisor of your intention to visit the TIAA Office or if you request additional appointments you must request the use of vacation time. If you consult with the TIAA representatives outside of your normal work hours, you are not eligible for additional compensation.

The financial services offered by TIAA are an important benefit to you and, therefore, the University feels it is important to facilitate reasonable access to these services.

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