Voluntary Retirement Savings Program (VRSP)

One key step you can take to improve your financial future is saving for your retirement.  This page will walk you through enrolling in the Voluntary Retirement Savings Program (VRSP) with (A.) TIAA, or (B.) another of the approved VRSP companies.  

Step 1. Open Account

A. Open VRSP Account with TIAA

  1. Go to the TIAA website or TIAA (SPANISH VERSION) website
  2. Select "Enroll Now" on the page. (Select this even if you have previously set up an online account with TIAA)
  3. Enter your password or create one, and simply follow the directions on screen
  4. Continue to Step 2

B. Open VRSP Account with Approved Company other than TIAA

  1. Contact an approved company to open a VRSP account
  2. Continue to Step 2

Step 2. Elect Contribution

IMPORTANT - you are not quite done!  You must elect a contribution amount.

You can now do this simply and immediately online on the Employee Self Service site.  Click on Voluntary Retirement Savings Program under "Benefits." Staff paid on a biweekly basis need to use a paper form.

If you prefer to use the paper form, complete the PDF iconVRSP-Salary Reduction Agreement form (pdf) and return it to the Benefits Office.