Staff Handbook - Chapter 2



P&S Employment Status

Each new staff member should receive a detailed offer letter providing information relating to salary, benefits, job responsibilities, and employment status.  Non-bargaining Professional and Scientific staff who are appointed half-time or more will be appointed as either:

P&S Career Status – Earned upon completion of continuous and satisfactory performance in a position during the probationary period for the position.

P&S At-Will Status – “At-Will” status applies to a staff member whose administrative, policy-making, leadership or other responsibilities make it inappropriate to confer career status, or to a staff member who holds a temporary appointment.

P&S Probationary – Probationary status is that time during which a staff member’s performance is evaluated to determine whether the staff member is demonstrating the capacity for continued performance at a level necessary to meet the department’s or unit’s standards for the position.

P&S Term – Those appointments of a specified period not to exceed three years, in order to accomplish a specific purpose or when the duration of funding is limited or unknown.  Reappointments to term status may be made, provided that the total period in term status does not exceed 6 years. No right of reappointment is implied by the appointment.

P&S Temporary – A staff member may serve in temporary status in a continuous appointment of not more than one year to meet an emergency or temporary need.  Staff members in temporary status serve “at-will”.

Performance Review

A well-developed and implemented performance review process facilitates the growth and development of the individual employee and assures achievement of institutional goals.  The two-way communication performance review process is beneficial for both parties when done well.

An individual’s performance review is one of a number of important factors in determining salary increases in accordance with University, collegiate, divisional, and departmental salary policy 

Classification Review Policy

All regular (non-temporary) Professional & Scientific staff members appointed 50% or greater and Board of Regent Merit staff members have the ability through their classification policies to request a review of their position classification.  Please refer to the appropriate policy “Classification Review of Professional and Scientific (P&S) Staff Positions” and “Classification Review of a Merit Position to a Professional and Scientific (P&S) Staff Position”, in the University Operations Manual for details and required documentation.  Movement to a higher classification is generally accompanied by an increase in salary governed by the appropriate policy.

Access to Personnel files

Each staff member has access to an ePersonnel file via the self-service web site.  Additional personnel file information may be accessed by contacting the Human Resources Unit Representative (see your self-service web site for “My HR Unit Representative”).  All information is confidential to anyone but the staff member and those in the respective supervisory and HR Unit Representative chain, except when information is needed for official University purposes or the staff member gives written authorization.