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Supervisor Training@Iowa includes these components:

  • Core content: Topics and material for in-person and online delivery
  • In-person training: Curriculum and agendas scheduled training sessions
  • Online training: Modules for on-demand delivery
  • Credit for past training: Mapping new content to current programs and awarding credit for previous training
  • Test-out option: Knowledge and skill assessments that award credit to experienced supervisors

Project leads aim to complete initial development of all components by December 2019 and make in-person and online training options available starting that month. They also expect to apply credit for past training and enable test-out options beginning in November.

Select schedule milestones include:

  • Design content and pilot training: August 2019-December 2019
  • Deliver in-person training: January 2020-June 2022
  • Deploy online training: January 2020-June 2022
  • Map current training to new training modules: October 2019-November 2019
  • Configure Compliances and Qualifications system: October 2019-December 2019
  • Create tests for each training module: October 2019-December 2019
  • Enable test-out option: January 2020-June 2022