Leadership Imperatives Committee


June 2017: Began work during Phase 3.

Status as of February 2018: Implementation beginning.


The Leadership Imperatives Committee will create leader profiles, identify key leadership skills and behaviors, and create action plans that can drive organizational culture. Strategies include:

  • Asking current campus leaders how they reached their current positions and creating sample road maps
  • Identifying how good leaders become great and supporting people already in leadership positions
  • Creating less subjective and more efficient processes for evaluating leaders against goals


  • Sean Hesler, director, Learning and Development, University Human Resources, sean-hesler@uiowa.edu, 319-384-9858
  • Rachel Napoli, chief of staff, Office of the Chief Information Officer, rachel-napoli@uiowa.edu, 319-467-1166


  • Andrew Beckett, associate dean, University College
  • Josh Berka, associate director for event management, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Erin Brothers, grant and contract administrator, Sponsored Programs
  • Lori Cranston, associate dean for administration, College of Public Health
  • Jenny Fitzpatrick, rehab therapies manager, Center for Disabilities and Development
  • Candace Peters, organizational consultant and leadership coach, Organizational Effectiveness
  • Lyn Redington, dean of students, Student Life
  • Ann Ricketts, senior assistant vice president for research, Research and Economic Development
  • Jan Waterhouse, director of human resources, College of Engineering
  • Sherree Wilson, associate dean for cultural affairs and diversity initiatives, Carver College of Medicine

HR administrative liaison

  • Teresa Kulper, director of HR services, University Human Resources  

Contact Talent@Iowa

Campus address
121 USB
U.S. mailing address
University Human Resources
121-10 University Services Building
1 W. Prentiss Street
Iowa City, IA 52240