Assessment and Care Team

The Assessment and Care Team is composed of Assessment and Care Specialists (ACS) with mental health and law enforcement expertise. This partnership is between Human Resources and University of Iowa Department of Public Safety. The ACS are the primary contacts for the University Community concerned with behaviors and situations which have a potential for self-harm and/or harm to others. The initial contact to the ACS is typically made via phone, and/or email. Current contacts for the program are Eli Hotchkin, Threat Assessment Program Director, University Human Resources, 319-467-0311, and Corey Gibney, Threat Assessment Manager, University Department of Public Safety, 319-335-5011, or their designees.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Receiving information about concerning behavior.
  • Implementing/coordinating the risk/threat assessment response.
  • Discerning trends and/or patterns of at risk and threatening behaviors.
  • Providing outreach to the UI Campus and surrounding communities as appropriate.
  • Providing education and training for employees, faculty, staff and students.
  • Prioritize cases as to the assessed urgency.