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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a clear, concise depiction of the specific duties and responsibilities of a particular role within a unit, department, division or organization. It outlines the specific type of work that needs to be accomplished and the knowledge, skills and abilities (competencies) required to be successful in the role.

Typically, local job descriptions are used for a variety of reasons including:

  • Recruitment
  • Communicating the specific duties and responsibilities of the role/position
  • Setting performance expectations
  • Evaluating job performance
  • Determining the appropriate University classification and pay level
  • Determining skills gaps and opportunities for skill development to support career development
  • Documenting compliance and regulatory requirements

University Job Classification = Administrator Services Coordinator
Local Job Description = Biology Departmental Administrator

The University Job Classification is typically used for more than one individual and is defined by its key areas of responsibility. Individuals may have the same University Job Classification (defined by the key areas of responsibility) and have different duties and responsibilities that are specific to their role within a unit, department, division or organization.

University Human Resources has created A "How To" Guide for Creating a Local Job Description that is available as an optional tool to create a Local Job Description (LJD), until a more automated solution becomes available. Using the optional tool, a LJD will include these components:

Job Identifiers

  • Position (or Working) Title
  • Organization/Department/Unit Name
  • University Classification
  • University Job Code
  • University Pay Level
  • Job Function
  • Job Family
  • Working Title (if applicable)
  • Position Number

Key Components of the Job

  • Job Summary/Purpose Statement
  • Reporting Structure: Indicate the position number, classification, and name of the individual that this position reports to.
  • Does this position have Administrative Supervision responsibilities?  Yes or No?
  • Classification Key Areas of Responsibilities
  • Primary Job Duties and Tasks
  • Universal Competencies/ UI Health Care Core Values
  • Technical Competencies
  • Position Qualifications (only if/when hiring for the position)

A new career development tool is now available for you and your supervisor to document your career growth and job changes.   This document can then be used to support pay adjustments and classification changes, when appropriate.