Extra-Meritorious Pay (Merit Non-Bargaining)

The following information is intended for reference only. Merit Extra-Meritorious pay is governed by the Merit rules established by the Board of Regents.


3.39(10) Pay for exceptional performance. An employee may be given pay for exceptional performance, not to exceed 5 percent of an employee's current annual salary, at the written request of the employee's department head with appropriate administrative approval and the prior approval of the resident director. The request will describe the nature of the exceptional job performance for which additional pay is requested, indicate the amount proposed, and specify the source of funds. The award may be based on sustained superior performance or an exceptional achievement or contribution during the period since the employee's last performance review. To qualify for an exceptional performance award, an employee must have a cumulative performance evaluation exceeding standards and have no individual rating below satisfactory. Payment will be made as a lump sum award and will not change the employee's established salary. No employee will be eligible for more than one award a year.


  1. A written request must be made by an employee's department head and approved by the appropriate dean or vice president.
  2. The request must explain the details of the sustained superior performance or the exceptional achievement/contribution.
  3. The request should be attached to the prior approval form in the HR transaction system.
  4. To be eligible, an employee:
    1. must have permanent Merit status,
    2. must have a current performance appraisal with an accumulative rating above satisfactory and no individual rating below satisfactory, and
    3. must not be covered under the AFSCME collective bargaining agreement.
  5. Prior to creating the payment form, Compensation and Classification must review and approve all requests for pay for exceptional performance.


At present, the appropriate HR Transaction forms for Extra-meritorious pay are:

Special Compensation - Extra Meritorious (Prior Approval)

Special Compensation - Extra Meritorious (Payment)