Merit Lead Worker Status

The following information is intended for reference only for units wishing to assign Lead status to Merit staff. Lead status assignment is governed by the Merit Rules established by the Board of Regents.


The Merit Rules/Personnel Administration state:

3.39(12) Pay for lead worker status. On request of an employing department and with approval of the resident director, an employee who is assigned and performs limited supervisory duties (such as distributing work assignments, maintaining a balanced workload within a group, and keeping attendance and work records) in addition to regular duties, may be designated as lead worker in the classification assigned, and paid during the period of such designation the employee's base salary plus the equivalent of one step.


Assignment or removal of lead worker responsibilities is done at the employer’s discretion. In order to obtain University HR approval for the assignment of lead status, the department will initiate a Change of Status – Merit/SEIU Job Reclassification.  The rationale for requesting lead worker status can either be attached to the transaction or included in the Remarks section.  The rationale should include a list or summary of the employees being functionally supervised. A Merit employee with lead status must supervise a minimum of three regular Merit employees.  Any possible exceptions to this rule must be approved by Compensation and Classification.

If a lead worker position becomes vacant in the future, removal of Lead status will be processed using Position Management—Modify or Reactivate a Position.


Lead status employees receive a one-step increase on their current matrix, up to the lead worker pay grade maximum. Refer to the Pay Plans Directory for pay ranges. Please note that lead worker status and pay is temporary and will be removed when the employee is no longer serving in that capacity.  A transfer or reclassification salary will be calculated based on the regular rate of pay without the lead worker incentive.


Lead status requests are reviewed by Compensation and Classification. For questions, please contact Compensation and Classification at or (319) 335-5298.