Merit School Term Guidelines


Vacancies will be advertised as School Term positions with percent of time reflecting the actual number of hours worked during the school term. These positions are usually for 9, 10 or 11 months. Instructions for advertising Merit School Term positions can be found in the HR Merit Requisition Training Manual. Log on to Self Service and go to Workflow Training Manuals link.

Appointing Information

Use either the Appointment or Transfer Workflow form. The appointment type will either be Merit School Term Bargaining (if the position is covered by the AFSCME contract) or Merit School Term Exempt (if the position is supervisory exempt).

The Appointment form or Transfer form has an end date field. Use this field to indicate the last day worked before the leave begins.


Salaries are calculated to reflect the percentage of time actually worked.

Leave of Absence

The department will submit a leave of absence form to reflect the time of the leave. The form will use the reason code, School Term Appointment.

Probation Date

If the leave of absence occurs during the time of the probation period, the period of time served on the leave may extend the probation period.

Appointing during Leave

Should the department elect to continue the individual on an irregular basis during the time the employee is out of pay status, they would be required to appoint the individual on a Merit Temporary Appointment. They should not indicate this time by adjusting the dates on the Leave of Absence.

Vacation and Sick Leave

Merit staff on School Term appointments will only accrue vacation and sick leave during the months in pay status. Accrual rates will be based on percentage of appointment during the months in pay status as well as length of service in the case of vacation. Vacation and sick leave will only be used during the months in pay status.


Payment for University holidays will be in accordance with current policy, i.e., the staff member must be in pay status the last workday prior to and the first workday after a holiday in order to receive holiday pay.


The employer contribution to all insurance plans will continue during the months the employee is out of pay status. These contributions are made with the understanding that the staff member returns to work on the date specified in the School Term appointment. The employee's share of the benefit costs during the inactive period will be assessed as follows:

Two premiums will be charged against both the last check of the appointment and against the first check of the appointment.

Example: A school term appointment active from August-May will have 2 premiums charged June 1 and 2 premiums charged September 1.

The staff member may choose to discontinue optional benefits, such as supplemental life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, wraparound long-term disability, and dependent care spending account. In order to prevent the double deductions for these optional benefits from occurring, the University Benefits Office must be notified 15 days prior to the last paycheck. Otherwise, the double deductions will occur for all benefits in effect.

In the event the staff member does not return to work at the beginning of the academic term, they will be considered to have resigned in good standing as of the last day in the prior academic term and all benefits adjusted to reflect a termination on that date.