Merit Special Assignment

The following information is intended for reference only. Merit Special Assignment is governed by the Merit Rules established by the Board of Regents.


The Merit Rules/Personnel Administration state:

3.102(2) Special assignment. When the services of employees are temporarily needed in a position in the same or a different class within the institution other than the position to which the employees are assigned, they may be given special assignment, with the prior approval of the resident director and involved departments, to perform the duties of such position for a period not to exceed six months without change in title or status. In unusual circumstances, an extension of a special assignment for no more than one additional six-month period may be approved by the merit system director on written request from the resident director. Employees will be paid for special assignment in accordance with 3.39(6).


Assignment or removal of a Merit special assignment is done at the employer’s discretion. In order to obtain University HR approval for a special assignment, the department will initiate a Transfer – Special Assignment.  The rationale for requesting a special assignment can either be attached to the transaction or included in the Remarks section.  The rationale should include a general reason for the assignment and an expected duration.  If necessary, Compensation and Classification will modify the position based on the effective dates of the Special Assignment.

Assignment should be to a classified position, vacated as a result of turnover or leave, with the assignment of duties to extend for three weeks or more.  If there is not an open position available, please contact Compensation and Classification.


3.39(6) Pay for special assignment. Provided an employee is granted special assignment in accordance with 3.102(2) of these rules the employee will be paid for the duration of such assignment consistent with:

  • 3.39(3) Pay on promotion if assigned to a class having a higher pay grade;
  • 3.39(7) Pay on transfer if assigned to a class having the same pay grade;
  • The present base pay if assigned to a class having a lower pay grade.


Merit staff assigned special assignment to a Merit Supervisory Exempt/Confidential position for more than a complete calendar month will be required to participate in a different benefits plan for the duration of special assignment. Staff should contact University Benefits with specific questions about changes in benefits for special assignment.


Special assignment requests are reviewed by Compensation and Classification. For questions, please contact Compensation and Classification at or (319) 335-5298.