P&S Annual Classification Review Process

The long-term effectiveness of any compensation and classification system requires a process for keeping classification descriptions up to date.  Failure to maintain accurate classification descriptions is a frequent reason why compensation and classification systems lose credibility.  For that reason, the Compensation and Classification Unit will review all Job Function and Job Family purpose statements, as well as all Job Family Classification descriptions on a five year cycle.  This will normally equate to reviewing at least 75 classifications per year.

In September of each year, the Compensation and Classification Unit will begin the annual classification review process.  The Compensation and Classification Unit is committed to reviewing all Job Function and Job Family purpose statements, as well as all Job Family Classification descriptions.  Please send any suggestions for classification reviews to your HR unit representative who will route them through the Senior HR Leader of the college or division.

Results of the 2015-2016 Review Process

This year, 32 Job Families and 101 Job Classifications were reviewed.  This included the creation of 22 new classifications and 2 pay level changes that are listed below.  The majority of job families required modification to the key areas of responsibility and classification descriptors, and in some job families, additional classifications were added or deleted.

Job Families Reviewed

  • Academic/Clinical Program Management
  • Administrative Services
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Catering, Dining & Event Services
  • Clinical Research Trials
  • Collections Management
  • Communications Specialist (Board of Regents)
  • Compliance
  • Director of Startups
  • Economic Development
  • Education, Outreach & Public Programming
  • Emergency Preparedness & Terrorism Response Coordinator
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Food Preparation
  • Health Care Management
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Human Resources Specialty Services
  • Intellectual Property Agreements Manager
  • Intellectual Property License & Protection
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Law Librarians
  • Network Engineer
  • Nursing Management
  • Premium Seating Manager
  • Project Management (Administration)
  • Project Manager (Engineering)
  • Research Compliance & Education
  • Research Compliance Operations
  • Residence Life Programming & Operations
  • Test Development
  • Ticketing

New Classifications

  • Animal Husbandry Assistant Manager
  • Associate Budget/Financial Officer 
  • Associate Director, Nursing
  • Associate Network Engineer
  • Compliance Associate Director
  • Director, Nursing
  • Director of Startups
  • Director, Test Development
  • Economic Development Manager
  • Executive Director, Licensing, Marketing or IP
  • Intellectual Property Agreements Manager
  • Intellectual Property Invention Disclosure Manager
  • Intellectual Property Manager
  • Manager, Accounting & Financial Analysis
  • Premium Seating Manager
  • Programming & Outreach Educator
  • Programming & Outreach Coordinator
  • Programming & Outreach Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Residence Life Associate Director
  • Senior Compliance Coordinator
  • Test Development Manager

Pay Level Changes

  • Application Analyst (2A to 3A)
  • Senior Application Analyst (3A to 4A)

Deleted Classifications

  • Application Specialist (PRD4)
  • Compliance Assistant (PNB1)
  • Manager, Accounting (PBF5)
  • Manager, Financial Analysis (PBF6)

For more information related to the review of classifications and pay levels, please visit Compensation and Classification Information for Departments.