Supervisor Definitions - Administrative, Functional and Tertiary

The assignment of responsibilities to specific supervisory roles may vary by position, by role, and/or by system application. Further clarification regarding Matrix management roles and responsibilities may exist between the supervisors.

Administrative supervisor – Has the authority and ability to exercise independent judgment in regard to the supervision of their employees, to include the authority to hire, evaluate, discipline and terminate, or to effectively recommend such actions. The administrative supervisor is typically primary in relation to a tertiary administrative supervisor.

Functional supervisor – Typically limited to tasks related to the assignment and distribution of work, such as training, scheduling, task assignments, and checking on work performed.  While they may be asked for their input to evaluations, they would not be responsible for evaluating other employees.

Tertiary supervisor– is either an Administrative or Functional type (choose only one).  Allows for a dual reporting relationship to be indicated for either Functional or Administrative depending on the individual needs of the position.