UI SMART Program

  • The UI SMART Program offers UI staff and faculty an opportunity to submit ideas and suggestions that produce a cost savings, coordinate or eliminate duplication in processes or activities, and improve the quality of an operation here at the University of Iowa.
  • There are no limits to the number of suggestions an individual can submit.
  • Individuals will be recognized for implemented suggestions.

Guidelines for Submitting a Suggestion

  • Look for ideas that improve the efficiency of a department, program, or procedure; improve services that support the University; eliminate unnecessary procedures or duplication of effort; save time, money, or materials.
  • Where to begin - Start by concentrating on what you know best - your own work area. However, you are not limited - you may submit suggestions that affect any part of the University. Your suggestion will be of more value if you have data and facts to support the suggestion.
  • Avoid ideas that should be implemented as part of your regular work responsibilities without higher level authority; increase fees to students or employees; offer vague generalizations rather than specific recommendations; do not include a solution or plan for improvement; have already been suggested as the result of an audit, study, survey, or research; involve routine requests for maintenance, supplies, or services that could be processed through established channels; propose following established procedures which are not being followed; are currently under review; relate to personal grievances, classification, or pay issues.

How to Submit a Suggestion

Complete the UI SMART suggestion form located in the left menu at the top of the page. Suggestions should include:

  • A description of the problem to be addressed or the process to be improved.
  • A detailed description of the solution.
  • A description of how it will benefit the unit/division or the University.
  • If your suggestion is implemented, you will be recognized.

Suggestion Evaluation Process

  • Upon receipt, all suggestions are reviewed for eligibility by the UI SMART program coordinator, Richard See.
  • Submitters will be notified that their suggestion was received.
  • UI SMART program coordinator will then contact management in the area where the suggestion will be evaluated for possible implementation.
  • Managers will evaluate the suggestions and report back to the UI SMART program coordinator within 30 days. If more time to evaluate the suggestion is needed, managers will advise the UI SMART program coordinator, who will advise the suggester that their idea is under consideration for an additional 30 days.
  • If the suggestion is to be implemented, the department will provide the program coordinator with an implementation plan. If the suggestion will not be implemented, the department will provide the program coordinator with an explanation as to why the suggestion cannot be implemented.
  • The program coordinator will contact the suggester with the results within 10 days after receipt of the evaluation by the department.