SHUTi Sleep Program

SHUTi is a free, comprehensive online program that is now available to eligible UI Faculty and Staff.

Please note: Not specifically designed for people who work rotating shifts

SHUTi, which stands for Sleep Healthy Using the Internet, is a 6 to 8 week program that has been shown to improve sleep for adults with insomnia. The program uses Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), and according to the National Institutes of Health, should be one of the first choices for treatment for those experiencing sleep problems. 

Benefits of SHUTi

  • Decreases severity of insomnia
  • Fewer nighttime awakenings
  • Less time awake after sleep onset
  • Improved sleep-efficiency
  • Increased energy and restfulness 

​If you are interested in learning more about SHUTi and determine if this program is right for you, contact us.