December 18, 2014 Meeting of The University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee

Present: Jim Tuecke, Josey Bathke, Joe Marron, Donna Kasper, Michelle Ray-Michalec, Todd Taylor, Donna Kasper, Bob Huber, Josey Bathke, Ellen Chambers, Nancy Kroeze, Richard Frauenholz, Dan Heater, Gary Stockinger

Absent: Joanne Higgins, Michelle Kongable

Guest: Richard Saunders

Review of Minutes

  • October meeting summary was reviewed and accepted; November meeting was cancelled

Informational Items/Requests

Union: Data on hours worked by 90% employees at UIHC each month

90% appointments

The following numbers for UIHC employees working at 90% for at least one day during the month of September 2014 were:

Total: 823

No additional hours: 74
.1 to less than 10 hours: 300
10 hours to less than 20 hours: 293
20 hours or more: 156

The following numbers for UIHC employees working at 90% for at least one day during the month of October 2014 were:

Total: 828

No additional hours: 93
.1 to less than 10 hours: 351
10 hours to less than 20 hours: 257
20 hours or more: 127


Old Business

Union: Safety issues arising from the process and chemicals used in the UIHC water supply preparation stations

Put out for bid and now waiting approval of vendor; Richard F. to give continuing updates based on progress.

Union: Safety Committee

Tabled until January 2015

New Business

Management: Confirm LMC Membership

Confirmed Union and Management LMC members and will update University HR website.

Management: Update from recent Union elections

Richard Frauenholz will replace Andy Cooper as Executive Vice President.  Updates will be made to the University HR website regarding who to contact for union stewards.

Union: Any information regarding early retirement, is it being considered, what is the scope, and what are the details of any offer?

Richard Saunders, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, provided information regarding the possibility of an early retirement program in 2015 at The University of Iowa.

Union: Custodial Services are reported to be in transition to a different method of work called Team Cleaning.  What are the benefits of this change and how will it affect staffing levels?

Dan Heater gave an overview of team cleaning and justification behind the change.

Management/Union: Set 2015 LMC meeting times as third Friday of every month

Next Meeting: January 16, 2015, 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Melrose Conference Room #3, UIHC