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SLEAP Appointments Available

If you prefer to meet in person to discuss sleep and simply strategize and discuss sleep improvements from sleep hygiene to CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), we are offering SLEAP: sleep better with your UI EAP.   We are here to help you improve your sleep. 

**Refresh Smartphone App powered by Sleeprate (as of 10/21/22 This program is no longer available to new users)

The Sleeprate app monitors and analyzes your sleep to reveal how long and how well you slept; it identifies issues with your sleep and then provides a personalized program to improve your sleep. The app walks you through this program step-by-step at your pace until you’re sleeping better.

The full program can be completed in 4-12 weeks, depending on your specific sleep issue and your commitment to new habits for better sleep.

The aim in the first week is to learn your sleep patterns and related habits, and to detect any issues through questionnaires and nightly sleep monitoring. This information is then used to design a personalized Sleep Improvement Plan, based on your individual sleep behavior. Every seven days you get a short progress report and new strategies, skills and support to help you get the sleep you need: fall asleep faster, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

The app offers:

  • Sleep monitoring – track your sleep with the app alone or paired with common wearable devices: heart rate monitors, Garmin or Apple Watch.
  • Sound analysis – find out if you snore or if other noises disturb your sleep.
  • Thorough assessment – Sleeprate compiles your sleep data over a week, and together with questionnaires puts together a complete report on how well and how long you sleep, and habits that may affect it.
  • Relaxation tools to help quiet busy minds.
  • Short videos tell you about different aspects of sleep – the structure of sleep, sleep drive, the impact of tension, caffeine, alcohol or screen time, etc.