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The Corridor Corporate Games (CCG) is a company-based competition that offers events that promote physical activity, employee well-being and fun while representing one’s company.  The 2020 CCG is going virtual and will offer events June 1 - August 15. The University of Iowa will earn points through participation, event placing, and a blood donation challenge as we compete against other organizations. At the conclusion of the Corridor Corporate Games, the coveted Corporate Cup will be awarded to the winners!  Hawkeyes are seeking to improve upon a 4th place finish in 2019, but defending our "Champion" status in the Blood Donation portion of the challenge! 

University of Iowa Goal for Corridor Corporate Games

  1. Employee Engagement – Engaged employees forge strong connections to their roles, bring passion to their work, and become advocates for the university. 
  2. Health and Well-being – Being physically active, doing activities that promote learning, and connecting with others have positive health benefits.
  3. Community Engagement – The games provide an opportunity to represent UI in the community and meet other people.
  4. Student Success - Internship opportunities are available for aspects of the Corridor Corporate Games and participating companies

View the presentation to UI Staff Council May 13, 2020 (pdf)

Help the University of Iowa WIN THE CUP!

1. View the Virtual Schedule of Events to see what you may be interested in participating in

2. Set up an account with Corridor Corporate Games so you're ready to participate in events or "check in" to events. Our company code is "CCGUOFI"

3. Follow Corridor Corporate Games and UI LiveWELL on Social Media for event promotions and announcements:

Ways to Earn Points

Donate blood, platelets, or plasma with UI DeGowin Blood Center and tell them you are a UI Employee and participating in Corridor Corporate Games.

August 4/5- Bowling

Aug 15- Sand Volleyball

Full Event Calendar