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  • Winter 2020: New diabetes prevention and weight management programs; suicide prevention; financial planning and long-term care considerations


  • Fall 2019: Social media and well-being; elder care counseling and guidance; flu vaccine clinics;, UI Health Fair 2019; weathering financial market volatility
  • Summer 2019: Social connectedness and a thriving campus; new elder care support and guidance program; TIAA Q&A; liveWELL training
  • Spring 2019: Farmers' markets; fast and fabulous meals; growing food indoors; tips for severe weather
  • Winter 2019: Exercise as medicine; on-campus activity options; shedding light on seasonal affective disorder; Wellness Heroes


  • Summer 2018: Work, life and well-being throughout the employee life cycle; TIAA Online resources; Walking Scavenger Hunt 2018
  • Spring 2018: Health and well-being when you need us; health coach spotlight; 10 reasons to meet with a TIAA consultant
  • Winter 2018: Local leader, local culture; managing your money from your phone; Live Heathy Iowa 2018


  • Fall 2017: All about health coaching
  • Summer 2017: Focus on personal sustainability; standing workstations; Walking Scavenger Hunt 2017
  • Spring 2017: Focus on self-care; upcoming groups (caregivers, parents, anti-inflammatory eating)
  • Winter 2017: Being your best at work, home, and everywhere in between


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