Walking Scavenger Hunt

Join in on the hunt! The liveWELL Walking Scavenger Hunt is a summer-long (May 1-Aug. 31, 2019), self-paced walking program inspired by landmarks around the University of Iowa campus. Get out, explore, and stay active, all while earning points toward great prizes!

What is the liveWELL Walking Scavenger Hunt?

The liveWELL Walking Scavenger Hunt is a nine-destination walking scavenger hunt inspired by the landmarks around the University of Iowa campus. This program is completely self-paced and a fun way to stay active, enjoy the outdoors, and explore the University of Iowa campus all while earning points toward prizes. Each destination has a bonus code associated with it. Visit My Health and Wellness on Employee Self-Service to submit bonus codes and earn 50 liveWELL points for each destination.

Who can participate in the liveWELL Walking Scavenger Hunt?

The liveWELL Walking Scavenger Hunt is for everyone! Only University of Iowa faculty and staff in 50 percent or greater regular positions are eligible to earn liveWELL points to use in the Wellness Store, but you’re encouraged to invite family, friends, or coworkers to join you on your adventures.

Why participate in this program?

The liveWELL Walking Scavenger Hunt is a great, fun way to stay active and improve your health while exploring parts of the University of Iowa campus you may not be familiar with. By participating in this program, you earn liveWELL points to use for prizes in the Wellness Store.

How to get involved?

It’s easy to become a participant. Simply walk to a destination, find the answer to the bonus code question and then visit My Health & Wellness in Employee Self-Service and enter bonus code answers.

Destinations and Bonus Code Questions

Below are the nine destinations to seek out across campus and their associated bonus code questions. Find the answer to each question and submit it on My Health and Wellness in Employee Self-Service for 50 liveWELL points. A total of 450 liveWELL points are eligible to earn if you complete all bonus code questions.

SMILE! Enter a monthly drawing for 1,000 liveWELL points by sending pictures with the art highlighted in the Walking Scavenger Hunt to livewell@uiowa.eduPictures will be posted on liveWELL social media pages. 

East Campus

1. MOVED TO STORAGE FROM CONSTRUCTION. The Ties that Bind, located in Iowa City Pedestrian Mall 

Sculpture of a man tying a small boy's shoe

Bonus code question: What is the last name of the woman who created this statue? Answer: DeDecker   (construction has required this statue be moved to storage)

2. Coexist, located on 222 E. Washington Ave.

Mural showing flowers

Bonus code question: There is a large bird with spots on the right of this mural. How many spots does this bird have?

3. Sharing A Book, located outside Pomerantz Center

Sculpture of two people with a book

Bonus code question: What direction does the front of this sculpture face?

4. Walt Whitman, located in UI Main Library Gallery until Aug. 5, 2019.

Vintage poster advertising a book by Walt Whitman

Bonus code question:  Walt Whitman's exhibit is a celebration of what?

5. Movement and Vitality, located in Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

Abstract mosaic with swirling shapes

Bonus code question: This abstract mosaic represents a swirling action of what kind of sports offered in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center? (See plaque near climbing wall)

West Campus

6. Untitled, located outside Hancher Auditorium

Sculpture featuring four large stone blocks, some upright, others on their sides

Bonus code question: How many stones are located here?


Sculpture of a dog in blue

Bonus code question: Who did Jim Hetzler, the artist, create Blu to honor as a tribute to organ and tissue donation? Answer: His sister

8. Flower Headed Man on Table, located in the first floor of Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

Abstract sculpture of a figure

Bonus code question: What universal themes "in an  increasingly complex world" does Viola Frey’s work deal with?

9. Dan Gable Statue, Outside of Carver Hawkeye Arena

Sculpture of Dan Gable with arm raised

Bonus code question: What is the final word to Dan Gable's famous quote, "(NO) Stalling..."?

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