Campus Coronavirus Updates

Visit the University of Iowa coronavirus website for the latest information about COVID-19 and the university’s response.

Essential University Information

Campus Coronavirus UpdatesPrimary source of COVID-19 information for the university community.
Mental Health at Iowa: Includes resources for coping with COVID-19.
UI Hospitals and Clinics COVID-19 PreparednessInformation for patients, visitors, and providers.
Keep Teaching at IowaOnline teaching resources for faculty members and instructors.
Keep Learning at IowaOnline learning information for students.
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Child Care Needs

Referral resources and just-in-time care information for employees in critical roles, plus tips for parents working at home.

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Back to Campus

Info for everyone returning to on-campus work plus resources for supervisors of on-site, hybrid, and remote teams.

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Leave Information

Info about COVID-related leaves of absence, leave scenarios, and current Family Caregiving Leave options.

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Stress and Self-Care

Guide to managing stress, including signs and symptoms, self-care measures, and resources like the Employee Assistance Program.

Child Care Needs

Iowa Child Care Resources and Referral can provide consultation to help identify and select an alternative child care arrangement. Call or email to contact a parent referral specialist:

United Way also can provide volunteers to assist with critical child care. Organizations and individuals that need volunteers should call 319-337-8657(VOLS) or email with their information.

University Human Resources provides additional info about just-in-time child care for employees in critical care and operations roles, plus info for parents working from home.

Work Arrangements

Most UI staff and faculty have returned to on-campus work in preparation for the fall 2021 semester. Find information for everyone returning to campus, as well as targeted resources for supervisors.

The university is updating polices and practices to support remote work and other arrangements over the long term. Learn more about the Future of Work initiative.

For people working remotely, Information Technology Services provides a remote work checklist and guide to useful tools while University Human Resources offers best practices for working remotely developed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accommodations and Leave Options

Employees concerned about working on-campus due to a health condition that puts them at greater risk for COVID-19 should contact their human resources representative (contact info available through Employee Self-Service). HR reps should consult with Faculty and Staff Disability Services to initiate COVID-19 related leave or to discuss accommodations.  

Family Caregiving Leave policies have generally returned to pre-pandemic norms. But employees who need to take time off to care for family members with COVID-19 may still be able to use special leave programs. See leave scenarios and leave codes for more information.

Stress and Self-Care

University of Iowa employees can receive no-charge counseling and advice from the Employee Assistance Program. University Human Resources provides a guide to stress management and self-care.

Health Insurance Plans

University of Iowa health plans for faculty, staff, retirees, and students provide expanded health coverage that is COVID related.

Online Training

Employees working from home can pursue training and professional development in consultation with their supervisors. University Human Resources provides a guide to free online training resources available to employees.