Working at Iowa 2014 - Responding to Results


The purpose of this action planning guide is to provide guiding principles, key steps and resources for responding to the Working at Iowa survey.  You may also have other techniques that have worked for you in responding to past WAI surveys.  The materials here are resources, not requirements; they are offered as a guide as you respond to faculty and staff feedback.  

The survey offers an opportunity to further engage faculty and staff by using this survey and its results to recognize strengths and continuously improve our colleges, divisions, and/or departments (referred to as organization(s) from this point on).

By thanking faculty and staff for their participation, communicating results, getting input on areas of focus and sharing responsibility for improvement, organizations have an opportunity to increase commitment, engagement and productivity of faculty and staff.

Leading the Effort - much of the work can/should be done at the most local level possible.  Those in large organizations can follow this principle by overseeing the work at the department level.  Due to their size, smaller organizations will develop their action plans at the organizational level. 

Guiding Principles

Three principles should guide your response.  Click on each link below to see more information for each principle, including Key Steps, Things to Consider, and Outcomes and Additional Resources:

  1.  Open sharing of survey results and the process for utilizing the results.
  2.  Active involvement (dialogue) in interpretation of results and selecting area of focus.
  3. Shared responsibility for developing a plan, measuring progress on the plan and achieving results.