Call to Action: Vision and Change

The Year of HR Innovation aims to foster ideas that solve problems. The resulting calls to action aren’t mandates so much as opportunities—use them as you see fit.

In February, the UI HR community approached the question of vision from two angles, describing how HR professionals support UI strategic priorities and outlining what their community should accomplish over the next year.

This month’s call to action focuses on a theme that emerged from both directions: facilitating and leading change.

Respondents to January’s questions observed how the UI workforce is changing as longtime employees retire. Younger staff and faculty are moving into new roles and looking for mentors. They have different expectations than their predecessors, bringing new ideas about workplace flexibility and work/life balance.

At the same time, the UI HR community has spent the last couple of years changing how it works and preparing for even greater shifts to come. This experience lends HR professionals valuable perspective that they can share with colleagues.

Action item: Forecast pending changes and propose plans to manage them

  • Unit level (HR reps working with teams): Identify a process that’s ripe for change and lead a discussion of how it might be managed.
  • Org level (senior HR leaders working with org leaders): Use ongoing changes to HR structures and services as an opportunity to review change-management practices with DEOs, deans, or VPs.
  • University level (UHR working on UI-wide initiatives): Address change management as a specific need in plans for new systems or processes.

Potential focus areas

Year of HR Innovation respondents identified the following:

  • Knowledge transfer: Mentoring and other practices that relay institutional knowledge and develop young professionals
  • Flexible workplaces: Policies and practices that accommodate individual needs without relaxing performance expectations
  • Efficiencies and priorities: Strategies for identifying high-impact activities and maximizing time.
  • Change resources: Training, services, and conversations that help colleagues manage change.

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Success stories

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