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Together, we can keep the university community safe.

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Threat assessment involves implementing robust support through compassionate-solution based strategies for individuals experiencing distress or grievances through outreach, intervention, and de-escalation to mitigate the risk of planned physical harm to others or self. The primary objective is to provide an individual with assistance, while working to ensure effective safety outcomes for the campus community.
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About Us

Meet the Assessment and Care Team and the units that comprise our advisory group.

About Us

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We carefully, discreetly investigate all reports, providing all necessary support.

Our Process

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Campus Feedback

"We had a situation where an admitted student was being threatened online via a university social media channel. The student was not yet on campus yet but the threat assessment team didn't hesitate to provide support. Very quickly the team contacted me, made a report, determined an action, and connected with the student to share resources. Knowing that they are there when issues arise gives me great peace of mind. It is such an invaluable service for the safety of our students!"
"The Threat Assessment Program is vital to making sure we keep our employees safe and feeling secure in coming to work. The team not only is there as consult but even came to our site to be part of the solutions needed to make a very difficult situation result in the best outcomes possible. They bring a level of expertise that is truly amazing to have and I am forever grateful that the University is willing to ensure that we have this successful and inclusive approach to safety on our campus. "
"I work as a healthcare provider and was being harassed by a patient. The team was able to identify this as a valid complaint, assisted me in providing solutions and safety plans, explain additional steps and resources available and also followed up with how I was feeling afterwards."