Assessment and Care Team

Campus Address
121-51 USB
Mailing Address

121 University Services Building, Suite 51
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911
United States

If you have a concern that an individual may do harm, please reach out. Help us keep our community safe by reporting:
  • Unusual/bizarre communication and/or behaviors
  • Communicated threats to harm self or others
  • Desperation, hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts
  • Unusual fixation on stressful events or losses
  • Inappropriate interest in weapons, mass attacks, or violence
  • Suggestion violence may be a solution to a problem
  • Gut reaction physical harm could occur
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Report a Concern

Submit a Concern

Submit an anonymous concern using the secure Qualtrics form. More information about our process is available on the form.

If you provide your name and contact information, a team member will follow up with you. Follow-up could include a confirmation of your report or a request for additional details. 

We strongly recommend that you provide your name and contact information. If you submit an anonymous report, our options for addressing your concerns may be limited. Also, when concerns name specific individuals, they may have the opportunity to respond to any allegations.