Health Insurance - Graduate Students, Health Science Majors, Employed Graduate Students/Fellows, Postdoctoral Research Scholars/Fellows, Research Interns

Graduate students, health science majors, employed graduate students/fellows, postdoctoral scholars/fellows, and research interns may choose between SHIP or UIGRADCare.

Rate and Coverage Comparisons

Employed Graduate Students/Fellows, Postdoctoral Scholars/Fellows, Research Interns

Graduate Students, Health Science Majors, and Professional Students

Health Insurance Coverage for Adult Children

Children may be covered until the end of the year in which they turn 26.  Coverage for children who are full-time students or disabled can continue as long as they continue in that status. The IRS has determined that this coverage is taxable.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides brief counseling and assessment for staff as well.

Benefits Office

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The University of Iowa
University Benefits Office
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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance is mandatory for international students and health science students with clinical exposure. Students are billed for single coverage in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If they want to add a spouse and/or are eligible for UIGRADCare and want that policy, they must complete an application.

Beginning with applicants enrolling for summer 2008, all new first-year students enrolled with 5 or more semester hours will be required to have health insurance coverage for the entire time they are students at Iowa.

Health science students must complete the Proof of Coverage Form, which is available below, in the back of the insurance booklet, or from the Benefits office.

International students must provide us with a copy of their policy and an insurance ID card along with the proof of coverage form. The policy must meet requirements listed in the insurance booklet you receive from the benefits office. 

PDF iconProof of Coverage Exemption Form - International and Health Science Students 2015-2016 (pdf)

Beginning with applicants enrolling for summer 2008, all new first-year students enrolled with 5 or more semester hours who do not belong to one of the two groups above, will be asked to report their insurance status through their Admissions Profile on ISIS, the University's online service center for students.  Students without coverage automatically will be enrolled in the University's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

See the current student health insurance rates on the appropriate index page for
your student status:

Undergraduate Health Insurance (non-Health Science Major)
Graduate Student or Undergraduate Health Science Major