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Grateful Hawks: Ways to Infuse Gratitude into Your Life

Gratitude towards ourselves and toward others builds resilience, improves morale and communication. Different practices are discussed in this Q&A with Nicole Del Castillo, MD, MPH, Director of the office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
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Free flu vaccinations available starting Sept. 13

University of Iowa employees can get the flu vaccine for free at locations across campus or at the University Employee Health Clinic starting Sept. 13.
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Healthy Meals in 20 Minutes or Less

Whip up these delicious, healthy meals in 20 minutes or less.
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Taking Care of our Hawkeye Community: Expert Knowledge from around Campus

One of the most pressing needs you may be facing is recovering or supporting the recovery of emotional health and well-being during times of isolation, division, illness, and grief. We have been through a lot, and our physical and emotional recovery is top of mind. liveWELL’s Senior Director, Megan Hammes, interviews campus experts with some important questions as we consider our return to campus and global recovery.
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Lettuce Turnip the Beet: Nutrition Tips from UI Professor, Dr. Ruth Grossmann

liveWELL interviews Dr. Ruth Grossmann, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and nutrition researcher for quick tips to improve nutrition and well-being.
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Get Fit Financially-Well-Being Tips from Dr. Jon Garfinkel, PhD

Financial well-being can have an impact at all stages of life – whether you are just getting started with a savings plan, paying down debt, or investing and saving for retirement. liveWELL teamed up with Jon Garfinkel in the Tippie College of Business to learn useful strategies that UI employees can implement right now to start improving their financial well-being.
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Remote Caregiving

Find helpful tips and strategies for caring for a loved one from a distance in this article from LivWell Seniors.
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Personal Path Finding

Rebecca Porter's essay, Personal Path Finding, encourages developing the skills to find purpose, practice resilience and use the tools around you to keep putting one foot in front of the other during challenging times.
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Taking Care During a Time of Uncertainty: Insights from the University of Iowa Employee Well-Being Survey

liveWELL interviewed lead researchers conducting the University of Iowa Well-being Survey to learn more about their initial findings and implications to further support employee well-being.

Leave Options for Parents and Caregivers to Accommodate Virtual Learning

COVID-19-related school closures challenge parents to balance demands of work and home. Learn about University of Iowa options that can help.