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General Rules for Using PZ Codes

  • All temporary appointments are biweekly, eliminating the monthly option. The exceptions are defined in (2), (3), (6), (8), (10), (12) and (13) below.
  • Time submitted on the biweekly time record is for time worked only.  Payment for holidays (unless worked), sick leave, and vacation is not an option.
  • Required to participate in a retirement plan if the appointment will exceed 6 months (determined by end date listed on appointment form) with the exceptions of (2), (3), (6), (7) and (8).
  • Health insurance may be purchased by those on biweekly appointments when they meet the following criteria, as confirmed with the department by University Benefits:

    • Has been and/or is anticipated to work at least half-time;
    • Will be employed for at least six months.
    • The employee is billed directly for health insurance; it is not deducted from pay.
  • Duties must be professional in nature with the exceptions of (2), (7) and (9). If the duties better align with the Merit System, the department should follow the Merit advertising and appointment process (Refer to Employment Service).
  • All appointments forms require a description of duties (may be included in offer letter) with the exceptions of (10), (11), (12), (13) and (14). Offer letters are required on all appointments with the exceptions of (2), (3), (6) and (7).
  • Do NOT use PZ or G1 temporary codes for positions whose duties are consistent with those of existing P&S, SEIU and Merit classifications.

  • Hourly rates are equivalent to at least the minimum rate for the respective pay range.
  • Approval from UHR Compensation & Classification is needed to pay above the median zone high for P&S classifications.

Restricted Duration of Temporary Appointments

  • Operations Manual language limiting temporary appointments to one year applies to biweekly appointments that are 50% (1040 hours) or more.
  • Limited extensions permitted with OIE approval.
  • An end date of no more than one year’s duration on appointment forms is required if the position is expected to work more than 1040 hours in the first year.  For positions expecting to work less than 1040 hours per year, no end date will be necessary.
  • Temporary appointments held by retirees are limited by the same standard.

When the Temporary Appointment Form is Processed

The Temporary Posting ID# must be listed in the Temporary appointment form.

The Job Code/Classification on the Temporary appointment form must match the Job Code/Classification advertised on the posting.

The Job Responsibilities on the Temporary appointment form must match the Job Details advertised on the posting.

The Temporary appointment pay rate must match the pay rate advertised on the posting (unless a range was advertised, then it must fall within the range).

Guidelines for a High Volume of Identical Biweekly Non-Student Temporary Appointments

You may use the same Posting ID # on multiple Temporary appointments for up to 6 months from the posting date.

During this 6 month period it is the department’s responsibility to review the following for the appropriate:

  • Job Classification
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Pay rate/pay range

A new Temporary job posting will need to be submitted if any changes occur during the 6 month period. Please refer to the Temporary Postings website for more information on posting temporary positions. 

Common PZ Codes

The following is a list of temporary job codes that are commonly used.

1. PZ01 Temporary Professional Employee

  • Minimum hourly rate is $11.00.
  • Commonly used for positions such as Simulated Patients, Studio Models, Rec Services Instructors, Eye Bank Recovery Techs, Tutors, etc.

2. PZ02 Temporary Employee - UI Student

  • Minimum hourly rate is $8.20.
  • Used for UI students who are paid a flat rate according to a submitted monthly schedule.
  • Exempt from FLSA regulations because of student status.
  • Job posting is not required.
  • Note: bi-weekly appointments for UI students should have a student job code rather than a PZ code.

3. PZ03 Temporary Professional Short Term Monthly Employee

  • Paid a flat rate according to a submitted monthly schedule.
  • This is a miscellaneous code used for short-term appointments (less than 5 months).
  • Commonly used for short term appointments such as Summer Camp Workers, Instructional Staff, Project Managers, etc.
  • Important FLSA Considerations:
    • The use of a PZ03 appointment for an FLSA covered employee is strongly discouraged.
    • An employee could be covered under FLSA either based on earning less than $684/week or because a second nonexempt appointment.
    • If the PZ03 employee is covered under FLSA, all hours and weekly rate will need to be tracked.
    • When possible, please use a biweekly appointment to help ensure compliance with FLSA.

4. PZ04 Intern

  • Should be used for non-students only. Use a student job code if enrolled at any institution.
  • Minimum hourly rate is $8.20.
  • May be appointed as bi-weekly or monthly depending on their FLSA status.  If the intern is covered under FLSA (more common), they will be paid bi-weekly.  If they meet the duties and salary tests under FLSA, they may be appointed as temporary fiscal.
  • Maximum one-year appointment with possible OIE extension.
  • The description of duties should clearly indicate how the position functions as an intern.
    • "This internship will provide valuable work experience and will assist in the development of necessary skills to pursue a career in a ______ field."

5. PZ05 Archaeology Field Technician

  • Minimum hourly rate is $11.00.
  • Must be appointed as bi-weekly because they are nonexempt under FLSA.
  • No restriction on length of appointment, nor number of hours.

6. PZ06 Student Services (Student)

  • Generally used for positions such as Resident Assistants, Student Government and other student positions paid on a monthly basis.
  • Paid a flat rate according to a submitted, monthly schedule.
  • Exempt from FLSA regulations because of student status.
  • Job posting is not required.

7. PZ07 Temporary Employee - Non-UI Student

  • Minimum hourly rate is $8.20.
  • The nature and type of duties are not relevant.  This job code is neither Merit nor P&S for classification purposes.
  • A current class schedule and written acknowledgement/signature of student at time of appointment are required on the appointment form:
    • "I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to notify my supervisor at the University of Iowa immediately when I am no longer enrolled as a student at another academic institution."
  • Appointment must end when they are no longer a student.
  • Department is responsible for tracking hours worked and not exceeding the student limit of 20 hours/week (unlimited during academic break periods) or 680 hours/year.
  • Students during school year gap are eligible for this classification.  A most recent class schedule is required on the appointment form.  Department is responsible for verifying future academic enrollment eligibility.
  • Students graduated with no future academic eligibility should be no longer appointed to any student classifications.
  • Students who have continued their academic progress at one institution and are scheduled to take classes at a different institution are eligible for this classification. 

8. PZ08 Psychology Doctoral Intern

  • Must only be used for a Psychology Doctoral Internship which is accredited through the American Psychological Association.
  • This is paid as a stipend and is not subject to FLSA provisions.
  • Must be appointed as a temporary fiscal employee.

9. G1M and G1T - Merit Helper Classifications

  • If the position is Merit in nature and does not fit into any of the regular Merit classifications.
  • The work should fit into either the Helper - Clerical or Helper - Manual classification and be appointed accordingly.
  • Limited to 780 hours per fiscal year.
  • Minimum hourly rate is $11.00.
  • Visit Appointing Hourly Merit Employees for more information.

10. PZ16 and PZ17 - Externs

  • Medical students of Externship Program in Carver College of Medicine.
  • May be paid monthly or bi-weekly.

11. PZ40 and PZ44 - Physician Assistant Residents and ARNP Resident

  • Participants of Residency Program in Carver College of Medicine.
  • Paid as temporary fiscal employees.
  • Job posting is not required.

12. PZ49 - PREP Post-baccalaureate Scholar

  • Participants in post-baccalaureate research education program (PREP).
  • Paid as temporary fiscal employees. Minimum salary rate is $27,200.
  • This classification is exempt from FLSA provisions due to the educational nature of the arrangement.

13. PZ50 - Research Intern

  • Individuals who seek training, experience and mentoring in a research setting; plan to pursue a graduate or professional degree in science, medicine or a related field.
  • Paid as temporary fiscal employees. Minimum salary rate and additional information can be found at Post-Baccalaureate Research Internship.
  • Anticipated duration is one to two years.

14. PZ31, PZ32, PZ51 to PZ92 - GME House Staff

  • House staff members of Graduate Medical Education (GME) in University of Iowa Health Care.
  • Paid as temporary fiscal employees.

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