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Payroll Services operates on a biweekly schedule for hourly employees and to process time record pay adjustments for non-exempt employees. A monthly schedule is used for salaried employees.

Biweekly Schedules

Biweekly employees are paid every other Tuesday. If that Tuesday is a federal holiday, then payday is the next business day. All time records need to be turned in and approved by the previous Tuesday at 5 p.m. in order to be paid.

The biweekly payroll schedule provides pay period dates, time-record due dates, and check-issue dates for the biweekly pay periods:

Current Schedule:  

Future Calendar:

Monthly Calendars

All salaried employees are paid on the first of the month. When payday falls on a weekend or holiday, paychecks are issued on the first business day after the first of the month. All changes, including direct deposit and W-4 forms, need to be submitted by five business days from the end of the month.

The payroll calendar includes all important payroll dates and cut-offs:


Current Year 2023 Calendar:

Future Year 2024 Calendar: 

Academic Year Schedules


Current Schedule:  

Future Schedule:


Fiscal Year Appointments


Current Year 2023 Calendar:  

Future Year 2023 Calendar: