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At-Will Status applies to a staff member whose administrative, policy-making, leadership, or other responsibilities makes it inappropriate to confer career status upon them in the position.

Career Status carries specific employee rights related to grievance, re-employment, and termination notice provisions. For example, if your position is eliminated because of reorganization or lack of funding, the length of written notice to which you are entitled will be based on your career status and regular and continuous university service date.

Probationary Status is that time during which a staff member's performance is evaluated to determine whether the staff member is demonstrating the capacity for continued performance at a level necessary to meet the department's or unit's standards set for the position.

Specified Term Status is a specific term of appointment that is not to exceed the period designated and is assured of funding only through the date indicated. The first 12 months of the Specified Term appointment is the probationary period. Staff member’s performance will be evaluated against the department's standards. That period may be extended only by the provision of a specified term reappointment letter. Reappointment to specified term status may be made at the discretion of the college/division.

Temporary Status is a continuous "at-will" appointment of not more than than two-years to meet an emergency or temporary need of the University. Temporary appointments of less than 75 percent (1560 hours) will not be subject to the two-year appointment limitation.

For more detailed information, please refer to the University Policy Manual, III-3.1, Policy to Define the Relationship of Professional and Scientific Staff Members to The University of Iowa.