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The Career Development Advising service is a free and confidential service to assist regular employees (non-temporary) in achieving their personal career development goals within the University of Iowa.

We can help you identify new skills to use in your current position, look for a change or opportunity to advance in your current career track, or take your career in an entirely new direction. Our advisors are certified by the Career Planning and Adult Development Network as Job and Career Development Coaches.

During a one-on-one consultation we can help you:

  • Assess your career goals
  • Develop a specific search strategy or long range career development plan
  • Understand what prospective employers are looking for
  • Review your resume/cover letter specifically for the type of positions you’re looking for
  • Develop effective interviewing skills and techniques to present your unique skills and experiences to your best advantage
  • Strategize to achieve your goals with benchmarks to measure your success
  • Learn to use position descriptions, pay grade matrixes and information, classification review processes, and promotional pathways
  • Identify additional resources

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Length of appointments vary based on the topics the employee desires to discuss. Please contact us if you wish to set up an appointment or have additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Each position has a different set of skill that are needed to be successful. Learning and Development offers a number of resources to help enhance your skills for career development.


The most important factor is that the employee is performing work outside of their current classification on a regular and ongoing basis.


The most common distinction between a professional and non-professional position is that the professional position requires knowledge and education beyond that of a high school graduate. A 4-year college degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience is typically required for a P&S position. In order to classify a position as P&S, a minimum of 50% of the duties and responsibilities must be at the professional level. We are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is a law created for fair treatment in wages for employees. Some P&S positions are covered under the Act even though they are considered professional in the University system. The majority of P&S employees are exempt from this law. Those that are covered under the act are eligible for overtime benefits. All Merit employees are covered under the Act.


We encourage potential employees to apply for any position that may be of interest to them, whether it’s P&S or Merit. There are many Merit employees who have a college degree and there are many former Merit employees who now have P&S positions.


There are two ways to enter into a P&S classification. The most common way is to apply for an open position. Any employee who meets the minimum requirements that are listed in the requisition is eligible to apply. An employee may also be in a position that has evolved to the extent that it is more appropriately classified as a P&S position. When that occurs, the employee or department may submit a reclassification request. Whatever means are used to enter into a P&S classification, the development of knowledge, skills and abilities is important for current and future employment opportunities.


Supervisory experience can only be attained in a supervisory position. There are no classes or seminars that are the equivalent of supervisory experience. An employee may be in a classification (i.e. Project Assistant) that does not require supervision but the specific position does have that requirement. If the employee meets the basic requirements for the classification, they are eligible for that position.


UI Employee Career Development Advising is a free and confidential service to help permanent employees achieve their personal career development goals within the University of Iowa. UI students are encouraged to contact the career services office of the college they are attending for assistance with career development.


If you can document changes in your job and your supervisor agrees, you can be considered for either a promotion or a career shift to another classification. This does not guarantee a change in classification, but it would be the way to receive consideration for your request. The documents and instructions are located on the Career Development Planning website created by Compensation and Classification.


A career development tool is available for you and your supervisor to document your career growth and job changes. This document can then be used to support pay adjustments and classification changes, when appropriate. The documents and instructions are located on the Career Development Planning website created by Compensation and Classification


Talk with your supervisor about your career interests, and identify ways you can expand your responsibilities in your existing job to meet the needs of your unit. You might also identify goals to develop competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) that will prepare you for other jobs at the University. To be recognized in your current job, your career development goals need to be agreed upon with your supervisor and be in alignment with unit needs. It would also be useful to discuss what degree of change would be needed in order to support a salary increase, a career advancement increase or promotion/ career shift resulting in a new classification.

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