Compensation and Classification

Compensation and Classification establishes the framework used at the University of Iowa for staff positions. This includes the creation and maintenance of the classification systems, compensation structures and the policies and procedures associated with career development and pay practices. New and existing positions are reviewed for appropriate placement within the Professional and Scientific and Merit systems.

Comp/Class administers compensation programs for all non-faculty employees for base salaries and supplemental pay. Comp/Class participates in and conducts salary surveys in order to develop a comprehensive market analysis program. The team is responsible for providing the resources and expertise used in the determination of appropriate salaries based on all compensable factors. Analysis is conducted to support recommendations for Professional and Scientific pay structure adjustments as well as individual increases within the pay level.

Comp/Class also maintains the Career Status system for Professional and Scientific staff and assists/advises P&S staff that have been furloughed from their positions.


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Compensation and Classification

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