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2020 Working at Iowa Survey

The 2020 Working at Iowa survey will be administered on the following dates:

​​​​​​​An email with your individual survey link will be sent to Health care and non-Health care employees. 

The 2020 UI Working at Iowa survey (non-Health Care) will use the same questions as the 2018 survey and responses continue to identify the strengths of the university workforce and culture. Also included are questions about behaviors shown by research to reflect employee engagement, specifically how people personally invest their energy in their jobs in terms of: 

  • Physically giving their full effort
  • Mentally paying close attention to their work, and
  • Emotionally caring about what they do.

In previous years, the following questions received high levels of agreement from survey respondents and indicate areas of strength for campus:

  • I know my work expectations and understand how my job fits into the overall mission of the university
  • My supervisor treats me with respect
  • I would recommend the UI to a friend seeking employment
  • My unit provides a supportive environment to retain individuals from diverse backgrounds, and
  • Individuals in my unit are civil and respectful to each other.

The data from survey items will help prioritize workplace practices or conditions that are most likely to support engagement across the university and within individual colleges and divisions.

2018 Working at Iowa Survey

The 2018 Working at Iowa survey indicated University of Iowa faculty and staff continue to report a high level of engagement with their work in support of the university’s mission and strategic goals. The 2018 Working at Iowa Survey was administered to 18,635 regular faculty and staff over the period of October 5–19, 2018; 11,148 or nearly 60% of the eligible population responded. This level of participation matches that of the 2016 survey.

More information on responding to the Working at Iowa results coming soon.

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