UI Student Insurance

The University of Iowa is concerned about the potential threat the high cost of health and dental care may pose to a student’s financial well-being. For this reason, the University offers health and dental insurance coverage to students through the University of Iowa Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and UIGRADCare, two group policies administered by Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa.
    To be eligible for student health insurance you must:
    • be a degree seeking student AND
    • be registered for 5 or more credit hours each semester

    Your coverage will end on the last day of the month in which you cease to be a student. After graduation from the University of Iowa, or if you are no longer a registered student, you may apply to continue coverage for up to 12 months.

    Student Insurance Open Enrollment periods are as follows:
    • Fall Semester:  August 1 to September 9
    • Spring Semester: January 1 to February 9
    • Summer Semester:  May 1 to June 9

    Undergraduate Students

    Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) provides health coverage.

    Undergrad Insurance Overview (pdf)

    SHIP Details and Rates

    Grad and Health Science Students

    Choose either SHIP or UIGRADCare for health coverage.

    Grad & Health Science Insurance Overview (pdf)

    SHIP and UIGRADCare

    Employed Grad Students

    Employed grad students 
    receive a contribution toward the cost of health and dental insurance.

    Employed Grad Insurance Overview (pdf)

    Rates and More

    International Students

    Health insurance is required for international students and scholars.

    Requirements and Plans

    Graduating or Departing Students

    Graduating or departing students can continue coverage up to a year.

    Application and Enrollment

    Illustration of a tooth.

    Student Dental Insurance

    Student Dental Insurance Plan provides dental coverage.

    Dental Details and Rates


    Insurance is mandatory for all undergraduate, international and health science students with clinical exposure. Students are billed for single coverage in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If they want to add a spouse/domestic partner and/or are eligible for UIGRADCare and wan that policy, they must enroll in MyUI. 


    • First Year Undergraduate Students:  
      • If you did not indicate that you already have insurance in your admissions profile, prior to your first semester, you must submit a Proof of Coverage form in MyUI by the deadline.
    • International & Health Science Students:
      • You must let University Benefits know by submitting a Proof of Coverage form every year  (or semester, if you obtained a new policy) in MyUI by the deadline.

    Proof of Coverage Deadlines:

    Fall Semester:  September 9
    Spring Semester:  February 9
    Summer Semester:  June 9


    Yes, the student insurance will continue over the summer if you pre-register for the fall semester in the spring. 


    Yes, you may enroll for coverage through MyUI. 


    Coverage can be changed during the open enrollment periods listed below or if you have a qualifying event

    Student Insurance Open Enrollment Periods:

    • Fall Semester:  August 1 to September 9
    • Spring Semester:  January 1 to February 9
    • Summer Semester:  May 1 to June 9


    Contact Information

    University Benefits Student Insurance

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    120 USB
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    120 University Services Building
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    Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.