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Performance assessment and improvement goes beyond formal annual reviews. It's an ongoing process with shared responsibility that begins with hiring and orientation and continues throughout employment. Between formal reviews, supervisors and employees should create regular opportunities to review and discuss progress.

Effective performance assessment and follow up benefits everyone involved. Individuals often experience higher morale and creativity as well as improved health, which in turn supports improved productivity and pursuit of department and university goals and missions.

    Performance Review Tool

    The performance review tool can be accessed directly at or by logging in through Employee Self Service. Review the FAQs if you have questions.

    How to start your performance review

    If you are Professional & Scientific (P&S) staff:

    • You or your supervisor can launch your review, and it can be launched 15 days after the beginning of your review period. You can refer to the Performance Review Business Rules to find out the period in which you are reviewed. A good place to start is by setting and recording updates to your goals.
    1. You can enter them directly in the Employee Additional Comments section of the performance review tool, or
    2. You can upload them as an attachment by dragging and dropping into the Employee Performance Documents section.
    • Continue to record progress and modify goals in current goals.
    • You may start your self-review in the performance review tool at any time. It is not visible to your supervisor until you click the Submit Performance Review button at the bottom of the online form.

    If you are Merit/Non-Nursing SEIU staff:

    Your supervisor or HR Representative will provide you with the appropriate forms if anything is required of you prior to your performance review meeting (e.g., self-review, goals, etc.). If your department does not have an existing self-review form, you may ask them to consider using this Merit Self-Assessment Template (docx).

    • Regardless of whether or not you receive a form, it is a good idea to prepare for the meeting by using the suggestions provided in the performance review process.
    • At or after your performance review meeting, you will have an opportunity to view your review form online.
    • You must sign an acknowledgement of receiving the form, and will have the opportunity to add comments.

    Confidential Resources

    Performance Review Tool FAQ


    A helpful performance review practice is to get feedback from direct reports - and others, as appropriate – for all staff who supervise others. Feedback can also be useful for non-supervisory staff. For some recommended practices for requesting feedback, refer to the Best Practices for Requesting Feedback (pdf) on the Resources, Training, and Consultation website.

    • All staff types (P&S non-bargaining, P&S bargaining, merit, and merit-exempt) in a regular appointment can utilize the tool.
    • It's integrated with ePersonnel file.
    • Documents can be attached and user-friendly supervisor/HR reports are available.
    • Simplified process with more flexibility for organizational levels on campus to tailor based on their needs.


    Employees and supervisors can access the new tool directly at by entering their Hawk ID and Password (note: may be different than an employee’s Health Care ID and Password).

    The tool is also accessible through Employee Self-Service by selecting My Career/Career & Performance/Performance Review.


    Performance reviews dating back to 2013 can be found in the ePersonnel file. Supervisors can also access the prior review for their direct reports from within a current, in-process review, located in the section entitled Last Year's Performance Reviews.


    P&S non-bargaining employees can enter goals in the Employee Goals & Accomplishments section of the review tool. They can also upload (drag & drop) goal forms and templates into the Employee Performance Documents section of the review tool.


    Yes, the completed form will be available by selecting the History button in the review tool. Supervisors will also receive an email that includes employee comments. The email will notify the supervisor that comments were made and the review is complete. The ePersonnel file will contain the completed form for the supervisor and employee to access.


    ...a review has not been started? 
    The ability to create a Review will transfer to the new supervisor.

    ...some reviews have been started but not all?
    Contact the ITS Help Desk with details about how you want each of the existing forms handled.

    ...all reviews have been started and some have been completed?
    For reviews NOT completed, please contact the ITS-Help Desk for assistance.
    For reviews completed, the new supervisor will have access to the performance review via the employee’s ePersonnel file.

    ...all reviews have been completed? Can the new supervisor see the reviews?
    The new supervisor will have access to the employee’s ePersonnel file.

    • Technical Questions: IT Help Desk Phone: 319-384-HELP (4357)
    • Performance Appraisal Process and Content: HR Representative
    • Resources:


    WE CARE represents:

    Welcoming: We strive for an environment where everyone has a voice that is heard, that promotes the dignity of our patients, trainees, and employees, and allows all to thrive in their health, work, research, and education.

     Excellence: We aim to achieve and deliver our personal and collective best in the pursuit of quality and accessible healthcare, education, and research.

     Collaboration: We encourage collaboration with healthcare systems, providers, and communities across Iowa and the region, as well as within our UI community. We believe teamwork - guided by compassion - is the best way to work.

     Accountability: We behave ethically, act with fairness and integrity, take responsibility for our own actions, and respond when errors in behavior or judgment occur. 

    Respect: We are committed to ensuring that UI Health Care is an inclusive environment where individuals from the full spectrum of diversity – which includes identity, backgrounds, cultures, ability and perspective –feel safe, seen, and valued.

     Equity: We dedicate ourselves to equity and fairness in research, health care, education and health.


    It is expected that employees will be able to acknowledge (sign) their review by the review cycle deadline (or other deadline established by a department or unit). Supervisors/evaluators should complete the employee’s review and have the performance review meeting early enough to allow the employee to acknowledge prior to the deadline.

    Finalizing (signing) the review does not indicate agreement but confirms that the discussion with the supervisor occurred. Employees have the option to add additional comments directly on the form prior to finalizing. Supervisors should work directly with their departmental human resources representative if obtaining an employee’s signature before the deadline will not occur.


    A definition for each rating can be found in the performance review tool when the rating is assigned. Definitions can also be found on the University Human Resources Performance Descriptors website.