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Frequently Asked Questions

Decisions on individual salaries will be focused on responsibilities, performance and then the relative position within the market range.  In making decisions, your department will also need to consider the total resources available and how they need to use those resources strategically to support the salaries of all staff members and the objectives of the unit.

The new compensation plan and pay structures emphasize job responsibilities and performance in the context of the salary market.  Education and experience, whether at the University or elsewhere in your career, are generally going to be reflected in the level of responsibility you are able to perform and in your proficiency or level of performance of those responsibilities.  Education and experience continue to be valued as they are reflected in the work performed by University P&S staff.

The compensation and classification redesign does not change the amount of money available to University organizations and departments to fund salaries.  The redesign provides a new reference point in relation to market competitiveness, and is an opportunity to think differently in how the available funds are allocated strategically, both in terms of what is distributed on July 1 and what is used for salary adjustments during the year.