Compensation and Classification

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Selection of candidate must follow the recruitment and selection process administered by the Office of Institutional Equity.


There are a variety of factors that should be used to determine an appropriate salary offer. The more prominent considerations are as follows:

  • Credentials of the candidate
    • Education
    • Relevant experience
    • Relevant licenses and certifications
    • Specialized skills
  • Difficulty in filling the position
  • Market analysis
  • Relationship to market range and median zone
  • Internal comparison to similarly situated staff
  • Performance (if known)
  • Current salary of the candidate
  • Salary expectations of the candidate

A salary offer cannot be below the market range minimum. It is very common to offer a salary below the median zone following an assessment using the considerations above. A salary within the median zone may be offered if the assessment leads to that conclusion.

If candidate’s credentials, responsibilities, market analysis and other considerations support a salary above the median zone, a higher salary may be approved by University Human Resources, not to exceed the market range maximum. In exceptional circumstances, a salary offer may exceed the market range maximum with compelling market analysis and approval by the Dean/VP of the college or division and University Human Resources.

Prior Approval of Salary Offer

Org level Human Resources approval required for all salary offers.

University Human Resources must approve salary offer if any of the following criteria are met:

  • The salary offer is above the median zone.
  • If it is a lateral transfer salary increase in excess of 5%, and the new salary is above the beginning of the median zone.
  • If a change to a lower pay level results in a salary increase above the beginning of the median zone.
  • The classification is in an open pay range.

Internal Candidate to a Higher Pay Level

  • Will typically be offered a salary increase unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • The amount of the increase will be based on salary considerations listed above.

Internal Candidate to the Same Pay Level

  • May be offered an increase based on the salary considerations above.
  • The structure placement (A vs. B) should be factored into the offer.
  • A typical salary increase is 0-5%.
  • The salary increase may be more than 5% if it does not exceed the median zone low, without approval by University Human Resources.
  • Requests for a salary increase greater than 5% and above the median zone low may be considered but must be approved by University Human Resources in relation to the level of responsibility and performance.
  • May offer a lower salary depending upon level of responsibility and relationship to the median zone.

Internal Candidate to a Lower Pay Level

  • A salary increase is normally not offered unless there are exceptional circumstances, and must have prior approval from University Human Resources.
  • A salary increase may be given if does not exceed the beginning of the median zone, at the discretion of the college or division.
  • May offer a lower salary depending upon level of responsibility and relationship to the median zone.