HR Transaction System Overview

The HR Transaction System allows departments across campus to process critical job information for employee positions. HR Transaction initiators create transaction forms, based upon the specific circumstances, for actions to be included in the employee record.

Here are the types of transactions within the HR Transaction System:

Transaction TypePurpose
AppointmentAn individual begins a new position at the university and all relevant information to their job is captured
Adjunct SupportFacilitates the addition of funding for an individual with a current complimentary adjunct appointment
Change of StatusAn individual's pay and/or job information is changing within their current role at the university
Leave of AbsenceAn individual is taking leave (paid or unpaid) from the university
Special CompensationAn individual has earned extra compensation above their university base salary
Summer SupportFacilitates the addition of summer funding for an individual with a current academic year or spring semester appointment
TerminationAn individual is terminating from the university or from one of their university jobs
TransferAn individual is assuming a university position other than their current one


HR Transaction System Guidelines and Support

The HR Transaction Guidelines in the menu to the left provides greater detail on processing HR transactions and support contact information for HR Transaction initiators. Please contact University Workforce Operations if there is a question about the appropriate transaction.