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Regular Recruitments

Hiring departments may advertise the salary during the recruitment for a position as a minimum salary rate to "commensurate". The minimum salary rate cannot be less than the market range minimum for the job classification. Any minimum salary rate above the median zone will require prior approval from University Human Resources.

Hiring departments are encouraged to advertise a salary range between the minimum and the maximum of the market range for the classification, or any subset thereof. Any minimum salary rate above the median zone will require prior approval from University Human Resources. The maximum of the advertised range cannot exceed the market range maximum.

The median zone represents the majority of median salary rates paid in the market for similar positions and can guide departments in setting a salary range for advertising. Advertising a set salary range should better focus your recruitment of a qualified applicant pool by drawing only those candidates who are willing to accept a salary rate within the hiring department's ability to pay. This may effectively reduce one step in the initial screening process.

For example, a classification that is assigned to pay level 5A, the hiring department may choose to advertise the proposed salary range of: $50,000 to $65,000 or any subset between $50,012 and $106,086, based upon their salary limitations.

Level Market Range Minimum Median Zone Market Range Maximum





Specialized Recruitments

Recruitments for positions in pay levels with open ranges (9 and 10) and permanent residency recruitments may use only "commensurate" as the salary when advertising for the position. For job classifications in pay levels 2-8, if the most recent incumbent in the position was above the market range maximum, and a hiring department has compelling and credible documentation to demonstrate that the relevant market rates for the position exceed the market range maximum for the classification, may also use only "commensurate", with the prior approval from University Human Resources.

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