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Jobs and Pay Levels

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How to Find Your Salary and Pay Level

  1. Log into Employee Self Service, click the My Career tile/link, and click My ePersonnel File
  2. Identify the two digit P&S Pay Level code for your classification.  (This code will be a number followed by either the letters A or B, such as 3A).
  3. Select the link below your pay code to take you to your pay structure in the compensation plan.  Use your code to find the market range and median zone for your job classification.

Compensation Plan

Effective July 1, 2022

The university compensation plan is refreshed each year following an analysis of the most recent market data. Salary survey data is drawn from different geographical markets and business sectors for benchmark jobs to determine whether a change needs to be made in any market range and median zone in order to remain competitive for the recruitment and retention of university staff. Market data for seventy additional benchmark jobs were utilized in the most current analysis, with all benchmark jobs representing approximately 75 percent of the Professional and Scientific staff.

Because salary markets for the variety of university jobs will change at different rates, the changes resulting from the annual survey analysis will also vary between levels and pay structures. For the pay structures effective July 1, 2022, the changes in the market ranges and median zones range from 1.33-3.92 percent from the previous structures. 

Individual salary decisions are based upon job performance and salary position in relation to the latest market range and median zone information. Variations in responsibility, performance, funding, and job specific market conditions should also be reflected appropriately in future salary decisions.