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For New University Employees

As you begin any form of employment with the University, federal law requires that you complete an I-9 form to confirm your eligibility to work. You must be prepared to present appropriate documentation to a University representative on or before your first day of employment, who will then work with you to complete this form. Please refer to the list of acceptable documents.

Please be aware that under federal regulations, employees cannot be allowed to work if they have not successfully completed an I-9 within three business days following the first day of employment. I-9 requirements may be completed prior to your employment. Section 1 of the I-9 Form must be completed no later than the first day of employment. For information or assistance please contact:

For University Employers

The University of Iowa uses the I-9 Management online application to complete and submit I-9's, and E-Verify when required. Paper copies of form I-9 are not accepted.

To access the I-9 Management system go to UI Home Page, choose Self Service and then select the External Links tab which will give you the link to go directly into the I-9 Management software application. Instructions within the I-9 Management application will guide you through the I-9 completion process.

An additional listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are available through the link provided on this page, along with additional resources that may be of assistance.

Please Note: Federal regulations require that an employee not work past three days until and unless a completed I-9 form is on file.

Failure to properly complete, retain, and/or make available for inspection I-9 forms as required by law, may result in civil monetary penalties in an amount of not less than $110 and not more than $1,100 for each violation (per person/per day). Criminal penalties apply to persons or entities convicted of a pattern or practice of knowingly hiring unauthorized aliens.

For information or assistance, please contact:

I-9 Form List of Acceptable Documents (pdf)
I-9 Poster (pdf)
I-9 Poster Spanish (pdf)

Competing Section 3, Reverification and Rehires
LPR Reverification and Evidence of Status

 HANDBOOK (off site link)