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Job Classification Related Terms

Job Function:  A major service or discipline which typically exist across multiple units within the University, such as finance, information technology and research. Job functions are defined by purpose statements. 

Job Family:  A subset of a function and a series (progression) of related job classifications that require similar competencies and serve a similar purpose.  Each family is defined by a purpose statement and the classifications within it. Examples of job families within the finance job function would include Financial Analysts, Accountants and Procurement and Inventory Services.

University Job Classification:  A job typically held by one or more individuals that is defined by its key areas of responsibility. A series of job classifications within a job family reflect a typical career path, such as Financial Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst and Manager Financial Analyst.

Key Area of Responsibility: Groups of tasks designed to produce some key results of the function. Key areas of responsibilities are focused on the outcome.

Competency:  The knowledge, skills and abilities needed for employees to be successful in their jobs, as defined through terms and typical behaviors. Universal Competencies are those that support our core values and that apply to all University jobs. Technical competencies specific to a job may be a combination of Job Family Competencies and other Optional Technical Competencies.  Job Family Technical Competencies are those that usually apply to jobs within a job family. Optional Technical Competencies are those that may apply to a particular job or assignment, but may not apply to all jobs within a classification or family. 

Job or Position:  The duties and responsibilities of an individual employee.

Unique Classification:  A job within a function that does not fit with other jobs into a family or series of jobs. These unique classifications were originally identified as “outliers” during the expert panel phase of the project.

Working Titles:  A title used in lieu of the University Job Classification title that may describe the job in terms that are better understood by internal and external constituencies, or in some cases, more accurately describes the individual job assignment. When approved in accordance with University guidelines, working titles may be used in lieu of the University classification title for searches and job postings, local job descriptions and employee personnel records, regular business correspondence, both internal and external to the University, and the public University directories, both printed and online. The University classification title is the default if no working title is established.

Dual Track:  A dual career track may exist in a job family if there is more than one path for advancement. For example, one track may be to assume supervisory and/or managerial responsibilities, while another track might be to assume more technical or specialist responsibilities. Both can represent opportunities for career advancement.