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In 2023, a new student classification system was implemented with defined job functions, families, and classifications based on job duties and overall level of responsibility. The intent of the classification system is to provide a more accurate title and description while allowing the opportunity to progress during one’s student employment at the university. The progression is an intersection between the needs of the department and the student employee. The selected classification is determined by the appropriate job family and the position's level of responsibility. It is the expectation that each student position be assigned to the classification that is most accurate. Departments may also use alternate titles when recruiting and/or differentiating roles in their areas. 

More information on student employment can be found on the Student Employment website. For more information on the student classification system, please contact Compensation and Classification. For more information on student employment, please contact University Workforce Operations - Student Employment

Student Job Codes and Minimum Pay

Jobcode Family Classification Title  Minimum Rate 
S916 Academic Research Support Academic Research Assistant  $                      8.50
S917 Academic Research Support Academic Research Associate  $                      9.50
S918 Academic Research Support Academic Research Lead  $                    10.50
S776 Academic/Career Counseling Academic/Career Counseling Assistant  $                      8.50
S777 Academic/Career Counseling Academic/Career Counseling Associate  $                      9.50
S778 Academic/Career Counseling Academic/Career Counseling Lead  $                    10.50
S760 Accounting Accounting Assistant  $                      8.50
S761 Accounting Accounting Associate  $                      9.50
S762 Accounting Accounting Lead  $                    10.50
S780 Admissions Support Admissions Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S781 Admissions Support Admissions Support Associate  $                      9.50
S782 Admissions Support Admissions Support Lead  $                    10.50
S920 Animal Care Animal Care Assistant  $                      8.50
S921 Animal Care Animal Care Associate  $                      9.50
S922 Animal Care Animal Care Lead  $                    10.50
S716 Audiovisual Audiovisual Assistant  $                      8.50
S717 Audiovisual Audiovisual Associate  $                      9.50
S718 Audiovisual Audiovisual Lead  $                    10.50
S820 Bartending Bartending Assistant  $                      8.50
S821 Bartending Bartending Associate  $                      9.50
S822 Bartending Bartending Lead  $                    10.50
S824 Catering Catering Assistant  $                      8.50
S825 Catering Catering Associate  $                      9.50
S826 Catering Catering Lead  $                    10.50
S804 Clinical Laboratory Clinical Lab Work Assistant  $                      8.50
S805 Clinical Laboratory Clinical Lab Work Associate  $                      9.50
S806 Clinical Laboratory Clinical Lab Work Lead  $                    10.50
S808 Clinical Support Clinical Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S809 Clinical Support Clinical Support Associate  $                      9.50
S810 Clinical Support Clinical Support Lead  $                    10.50
S700 Communications Communications Assistant  $                      8.50
S701 Communications Communications Associate  $                      9.50
S702 Communications Communications Lead  $                    10.50
S852 Custodial Custodial Assistant  $                      8.50
S853 Custodial Custodial Associate  $                      9.50
S854 Custodial Custodial Lead  $                    10.50
S720 Dance Dance Assistant  $                      8.50
S721 Dance Dance Associate  $                      9.50
S722 Dance Dance Lead  $                    10.50
S764 Data Management Data Management Assistant  $                      8.50
S765 Data Management Data Management Associate  $                      9.50
S766 Data Management Data Management Lead  $                    10.50
S876 Delivery Driver Delivery Driver Assistant  $                      8.50
S877 Delivery Driver Delivery Driver Associate  $                      9.50
S878 Delivery Driver Delivery Driver Lead  $                    10.50
S879 Delivery Driver Delivery Driver Supervisor  $                    11.50
S724 Design Design Assistant  $                      8.50
S725 Design Design Associate  $                      9.50
S726 Design Design Lead  $                    10.50
S856 Electronics Electronics Assistant  $                      8.50
S857 Electronics Electronics Associate  $                      9.50
S858 Electronics Electronics Lead  $                    10.50
S744 Event Management Event Management Assistant  $                      8.50
S745 Event Management Event Management Associate  $                      9.50
S746 Event Management Event Management Lead  $                    10.50
S704 Faculty Support Faculty Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S705 Faculty Support Faculty Support Associate  $                      9.50
S706 Faculty Support Faculty Support Lead  $                    10.50
S880 Field Services Field Services Assistant  $                      8.50
S881 Field Services Field Services Associate  $                      9.50
S882 Field Services Field Services Lead  $                    10.50
S883 Field Services Field Services Supervisor  $                    11.50
S828 Food Service Food Service Assistant  $                      8.50
S829 Food Service Food Service Associate  $                      9.50
S830 Food Service Food Service Lead  $                    10.50
S831 Food Service Food Service Supervisor  $                    11.50
S924 Grants Administration Grants Administration Assistant  $                      8.50
S925 Grants Administration Grants Administration Associate  $                      9.50
S926 Grants Administration Grants Administration Lead  $                    10.50
S860 Groundskeeping Groundskeeping Assistant  $                      8.50
S861 Groundskeeping Groundskeeping Associate  $                      9.50
S862 Groundskeeping Groundskeeping Lead  $                    10.50
S748 Health and Nutrition Health and Nutrition Assistant  $                      8.50
S749 Health and Nutrition Health and Nutrition Associate  $                      9.50
S750 Health and Nutrition Health and Nutrition Lead  $                    10.50
S864 Housekeeping Housekeeping Assistant  $                      8.50
S865 Housekeeping Housekeeping Associate  $                      9.50
S866 Housekeeping Housekeeping Lead  $                    10.50
S768 Human Resources Support Human Resources Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S769 Human Resources Support Human Resources Support Associate  $                      9.50
S770 Human Resources Support Human Resources Support Lead  $                    10.50
S784 Instruction Instructional Assistant  $                      8.50
S785 Instruction Instructional Associate  $                      9.50
S786 Instruction Instructional Lead  $                    10.50
S945 Inventory Management Inventory Management Assistant  $                      8.50
S946 Inventory Management Inventory Management Associate  $                      9.50
S947 Inventory Management Inventory Management Lead  $                    10.50
S836 IT Specialties IT Specialties Assistant  $                      8.50
S837 IT Specialties IT Specialties Associate  $                      9.50
S838 IT Specialties IT Specialties Lead  $                    10.50
S840 IT Support IT Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S841 IT Support IT Support Associate  $                      9.50
S842 IT Support IT Support Lead  $                    10.50
S928 Laboratory Research Laboratory Research Assistant  $                      8.50
S929 Laboratory Research Laboratory Research Associate  $                      9.50
S930 Laboratory Research Laboratory Research Lead  $                    10.50
S868 Laundry Laundry Assistant  $                      8.50
S869 Laundry Laundry Associate  $                      9.50
S870 Laundry Laundry Lead  $                    10.50
S844 Law Library Support Law Library Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S845 Law Library Support Law Library Support Associate  $                      9.50
S846 Law Library Support Law Library Support Lead  $                    10.50
S932 Law Research Law Research Assistant  $                      8.50
S848 Library Support Library Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S849 Library Support Library Support Associate  $                      9.50
S850 Library Support Library Support Lead  $                    10.50
S949 Mail & Parcel Distribution Mail & Parcel Distribution Assistant  $                      8.50
S950 Mail & Parcel Distribution Mail & Parcel Distribution Associate  $                      9.50
S951 Mail & Parcel Distribution Mail & Parcel Distribution Lead  $                    10.50
S872 Maintenance Maintenance Assistant  $                      8.50
S873 Maintenance Maintenance Associate  $                      9.50
S874 Maintenance Maintenance Lead  $                    10.50
S875 Maintenance Maintenance Supervisor $                     11.50
S772 Marketing Marketing Assistant  $                      8.50
S773 Marketing Marketing Associate  $                      9.50
S774 Marketing Marketing Lead  $                    10.50
S884 Mechanical Mechanical Assistant  $                      8.50
S885 Mechanical Mechanical Associate  $                      9.50
S886 Mechanical Mechanical Lead  $                    10.50
S887 Mechanical Mechanical Supervisor  $                    11.50
S728 Museum Museum Assistant  $                      8.50
S729 Museum Museum Associate  $                      9.50
S730 Museum Museum Lead  $                    10.50
S732 Music Music Assistant  $                      8.50
S733 Music Music Associate  $                      9.50
S734 Music Music Lead  $                    10.50
S708 Office Support Office Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S709 Office Support Office Support Associate  $                      9.50
S710 Office Support Office Support Lead  $                    10.50
S888 Parking Attendant Parking Attendant Assistant  $                      8.50
S889 Parking Attendant Parking Attendant Associate  $                      9.50
S890 Parking Attendant Parking Attendant Lead  $                    10.50
S812 Patient Care Patient Care Assistant  $                      8.50
S813 Patient Care Patient Care Associate  $                      9.50
S814 Patient Care Patient Care Lead  $                    10.50
S816 Pharmaceutical Distribution Pharmaceutical Distribution Assistant  $                      8.50
S817 Pharmaceutical Distribution Pharmaceutical Distribution Associate  $                      9.50
S818 Pharmaceutical Distribution Pharmaceutical Distribution Lead  $                    10.50
S788 Proctor Proctor Assistant  $                      8.50
S789 Proctor Proctor Associate  $                      9.50
S790 Proctor Proctor Lead  $                    10.50
S712 Program Support Program Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S713 Program Support Program Support Associate  $                      9.50
S714 Program Support Program Support Lead  $                    10.50
S892 Public Transportation Driver Public Transportation Driver Assistant  $                      8.50
S893 Public Transportation Driver Public Transportation Driver Associate  $                      9.50
S894 Public Transportation Driver Public Transportation Driver Lead  $                    10.50
S904 Recreational Instruction Recreational Instruction Level 1  $                      8.50
S905 Recreational Instruction Recreational Instruction Level 2  $                      9.50
S906 Recreational Instruction Recreational Instruction Level 3  $                    10.50
S907 Recreational Instruction Recreational Instruction Level 4  $                    11.50
S908 Recreational Operations Recreational Operations Assistant  $                      8.50
S909 Recreational Operations Recreational Operations Associate  $                      9.50
S910 Recreational Operations Recreational Operations Lead  $                    10.50
S911 Recreational Operations Recreational Operations Supervisor  $                    11.50
S912 Recreational Programming Recreational Programming Assistant  $                      8.50
S913 Recreational Programming Recreational Programming Associate  $                      9.50
S914 Recreational Programming Recreational Programming Lead  $                    10.50
S915 Recreational Programming Recreational Programming Supervisor  $                    11.50
S933 Research Administration Research Administration Assistant  $                      8.50
S934 Research Administration Research Administration Associate  $                      9.50
S935 Research Administration Research Administration Lead  $                    10.50
S832 Retail Operations Retail Operations Assistant  $                      8.50
S833 Retail Operations Retail Operations Associate  $                      9.50
S834 Retail Operations Retail Operations Lead  $                    10.50
S835 Retail Operations Retail Operations Supervisor  $                    11.50
S937 Safety & Security Dispatcher Safety & Security Dispatcher Assistant  $                      8.50
S938 Safety & Security Dispatcher Safety & Security Dispatcher Associate  $                      9.50
S939 Safety & Security Dispatcher Safety & Security Dispatcher Lead  $                    10.50
S941 Security Security Assistant  $                      8.50
S942 Security Security Associate  $                      9.50
S943 Security Security Lead  $                    10.50
S944 Security Security Supervisor  $                    11.50
S752 Sports Management Sports Management Assistant  $                      8.50
S753 Sports Management Sports Management Associate  $                      9.50
S754 Sports Management Sports Management Lead  $                    10.50
S756 Sports Performance Sports Performance Assistant  $                      8.50
S757 Sports Performance Sports Performance Associate  $                      9.50
S758 Sports Performance Sports Performance Lead  $                    10.50
S792 Student Support Services Student Support Services Assistant  $                      8.50
S793 Student Support Services Student Support Services Associate  $                      9.50
S794 Student Support Services Student Support Services Lead  $                    10.50
S736 Theater Theater Assistant  $                      8.50
S737 Theater Theater Associate  $                      9.50
S738 Theater Theater Lead  $                    10.50
S896 Transit Dispatcher Transit Dispatcher Assistant  $                      8.50
S897 Transit Dispatcher Transit Dispatcher Associate  $                      9.50
S898 Transit Dispatcher Transit Dispatcher Lead  $                    10.50
S899 Transit Dispatcher Transit Dispatcher Supervisor  $                    11.50
S900 Transit Operations Transit Operations Assistant  $                      8.50
S901 Transit Operations Transit Operations Associate  $                      9.50
S902 Transit Operations Transit Operations Lead  $                    10.50
S903 Transit Operations Transit Operations Supervisor  $                    11.50
S796 Tutoring Tutoring Assistant  $                      8.50
S797 Tutoring Tutoring Associate  $                      9.50
S798 Tutoring Tutoring Lead  $                    10.50
S740 Video Technician Video Technician Assistant  $                      8.50
S741 Video Technician Video Technician Associate  $                      9.50
S742 Video Technician Video Technician Lead  $                    10.50
S800 Writing Support Writing Support Assistant  $                      8.50
S801 Writing Support Writing Support Associate  $                      9.50
S802 Writing Support Writing Support Lead  $                    10.50

Student Classifications

Requires basic knowledge and minimal experience. Job characteristics typically include:

  • Work is closely supervised.
  • Work is routine or follows standard procedures.

Requires intermediate knowledge of job procedures and tools obtained through training, work experience, or schoolwork. Job characteristics typically include:

  • Works under moderate supervision.
  • Problems are typically routine but may require interpretation or deviation from standard procedures.

Requires proficient and comprehensive knowledge of operational procedures and tools obtained through extensive training and/or work experience. Job characteristics typically include:

  • Works under limited supervision for routine situations.
  • Problems faced are sometimes moderately difficult or complex.
  • May provide functional supervision and training to student employees.
  • Serves as the lead for a group of student employees.
  • Displays advanced expertise in the responsibilities of the job family.

Requires advanced knowledge of operational procedures and tools obtained through extensive training and work experience. Job characteristics typically include:

  • Works under limited supervision for non-routine situations and is often responsible for leading daily operations.
  • Problems faced are typically moderately difficult or complex.
  • Trains, delegates, and reviews the work of student employees. Ensures policies, practices, and procedures are understood and followed by direct reports, customers, and stakeholders.

*The supervisor level is specific to areas where there is a need due to lack of staff available during the work shifts. Therefore, only select job families that include the supervisor level.

Job Functions

Supports the general administrative functions of a wide variety of academic or administrative offices including answering phone calls and emails, interacting with visitors, customers, staff, and others. Performs duties including telemarketing, coordinating calendars, word processing, data entry, assisting documents and reports preparation, searching/organizing/maintaining information. 

  • Communications: Assists with planning, developing, coordinating, and implementing communication projects that represent the department goals. Works to achieve day-to-day objectives, supports communication projects and tasks by using established procedures and best practices. Brainstorms, creates, and develops content to distribute using diverse materials and channels, including print, digital, broadcast, and social media. Assists in planning social media campaigns and advertising departmental efforts to build relationships with students, faculty, staff, news media, alumni, current and prospective donors, policymakers, professional and industry partners, Iowa residents, parents, prospective students, and other external and internal audiences. Supervises the development of press releases, monitors media coverage, and attends both external and internal events. 
  • Faculty Support: Provides administrative and operational support to faculty to ensure a safe and stimulating educational environment. Assists in classroom and lab preparation for daily activities and aids instructional efforts. Assists in preparing lesson outlines, plans, curricula, and safety protocols in assigned areas. Grades assignments and projects as needed. 
  • Office Support: Contributes to the department's success by providing administrative services through coordination and support of operations. Answers phone calls, schedules meetings, and assists visitors. Performs administrative duties such as filing, typing, copying, binding, scanning, etc. Serves as the primary contact for department members, faculty, staff, students, donors, and the public. 
  • Program Support: Coordinates and provides support in preparation, setup, and programming. Provides support and collaborates in the planning, development, implementation, analysis, and documentation of projects. Identifies and analyzes the program's needs, providing administrative support to team members throughout the planning and implementation of programs. Assists the program management team by supporting administrative or clerical activities for the group, including filing and sorting documents, drafting documentation related to the program and official communication lines, and taking messages. Supervises programs, handles technical challenges, supports events, and manages clients.

Supports the education, research, and outreach missions of the university through conceptualizing, realizing, and promoting the active, creative, research, and cultural work of faculty, staff, and students.

  • Audiovisual: Supports faculty, staff, and students by assisting with equipment including audiovisual, computers, etc. for classroom or conference presentations. Assists classrooms and meeting technology staff through familiarity with AV systems, laptop, desktop computers, Windows, Mac OS, and Microsoft Office Suite. Provides AV and computer system support for the operation, setup, and support of equipment, and provides routine maintenance and troubleshooting of AV equipment.
  • Dance: Provides dance instruction, event support, videography, choreography, or training related to the education and events taking place within the University of Iowa Department of Dance. Assists in the preparation, execution, marketing, or stage management of dance events to ensure a professional and pleasant atmosphere for patrons during public performances.
  • Design: Works with university and outside clients to create work for UI departments, student organizations, and external customers. Focuses on marketing, design, strategic communication, campaign development, photography, videography, and website design and development. Directly produces materials or assists in the production and presentation of deliverables.
  • Music: Provides music instruction, faculty and musician support, or training related to the education and events taking place within the Department of Music and off campus. Assists in the preparation, execution, marketing, or management of music events to ensure a professional and pleasant atmosphere for patrons during public performances and presentations by university orchestras, bands, or ensembles.
  • Museum: Supports the operation of campus museums and plays a role in the education, research, and engagement missions of the UI. Provides operational support to the UI and the broader community through exhibits, educational programming, and research collections. Guides visitors through museum exhibits with in-person and virtual tours and provides administrative support for all museum operations.
  • Theater: Provides instruction, faculty support, and/or training related to acting, directing, design, playwriting, dramaturgy, or stage management. Supports the development of new plays by students, faculty, or distinguished guides and provides administrative support and planning for events. Assists the scene shop in the construction, installation, and striking of scenery of main stage shows.
  • Video Technician: Performs Videographer responsibilities including filming and editing performances, events, and ceremonies.

Supports the general functions of a wide variety of athletic teams and events including providing event management, health and nutrition, sports management, and sport performance assistance and interacting with visitors, customers, staff, student athletes, and others.

  • Event ManagementCoordinates and provides support in preparation, setup, and programming. Provides support and collaborates in the planning and execution of all Athletics home competitions. Coordinate pre-planning activities, provide administrative support to team members, handle technical challenges, support events (assist with officials), and manage clients by acting as a liaison between Athletics units, University service units, organizations, and community.
  • Health and Nutrition: Assists athletic teams in aspects of hydration or nutritional health. Duties include transporting/gathering supplies, assisting with distribution, ensuring safe handling, preparation and serving food, drink, and nourishments, etc. Assists with the delivery and restocking of items for refueling stations located across athletic facilities. Follow HIPAA/FERPA.
  • Sports Management: Assists athletic teams by handling many behind-the-scenes organizational tasks critical to the program's success. Serves as paid student team manager. Comes early to assist with practice set up and stays after practice is complete to put away any equipment used during practice. Assists where needed for home events, practices, and scouting, reports data analytics and statistics, assists with other administrative tasks as needed.
  • Sports Performance: Assist the full-time athletic trainers with creating treatment and rehabilitation plans for student-athletes, set-up, and tear down of hydration equipment and athletic training needs for workouts, cleaning, and care of the athletic training room. Other duties as assigned. Must have bachelor's degree and currently enrolled in a graduate program.

Follows business principles, policies, and procedures to support the general business administration functions of administrative units in accounting, business data management and analytics, human resources, or marketing. Duties include preparing reports, researching/analyzing/organizing information and data, processing transactions, and contributing to the team by assisting in planning, coordinating, and accomplishing related results.

  • Accounting: Provides support in the process of recording, summarizing, and reporting financial transactions, which may include processing transactions, assisting with preparation of financial reports, review/reconciliation of accounting entries or statements, initiating basic and/or routine original and correcting journal entries, as well as daily operational needs of the organization, department, or unit.
  • Data Management: Provides support in transforming data into actionable insights to inform the institution's academic, administrative, health care and research decisions, processes, and projects. Collaborates with internal customers to assist in defining and documenting data, analytics, and modeling requirements. Assists in the preparation, cleansing, and verification of data; fulfills ad-hoc data requests, performs basic data manipulation and analysis techniques, creates reports, and schedules data extracts as well as daily operational needs of the department, project, or program.
  • Human Resources: Provides support in many areas of Human Resources including recruitment, hiring, and retention of employees, employee engagement, performance management, compensation, benefits, learning and development, and employee changes during their employment lifecycle. Gathers data and tracks employee information in support of HR practices/policies; provides initial guidance regarding basic policies and practices; gathers and compiles information to support the recruitment and onboarding process; tracks performance reviews to assure completion; generates and distributes reports; gathers information and monitors compliance requirements as directed as well as daily operational needs of the organization, department, or unit.
  • Marketing: Provides support in the planning, coordinating, and implementation of promotional and marketing needs that could include a mix of digital and social media. Performs basic data analysis and research for specific questions and/or tactics for marketing plans. Develops and performs specific tasks related to marketing plans (e.g., write advertising copy, design brochures, create video, prepare draft brief, etc.). Organizes and monitors project work, tracks progress, and ensures completion timeliness and daily operational needs of the department, project, or program.

Supports educational, enrollment, retention, and other academic activities of the university that promotes student engagement and supports student success by working as an instructor, counselor, tutor, proctor, interviewer, tour guide, etc. in the college offices and central academic support departments.

  • Academic/Career Counseling: Assists students in identifying their interests, abilities, and academic goals and in making decisions regarding their academic career. Introduces students to opportunities intended to enrich their academic experience, facilitates their academic and personal development, and supports their educational success. Integrates interpersonal and communication skills with knowledge of curricula, policies (departmental, collegiate, and university), resources, and student development to help students identify options, set academic, developmental, and career goals, and make progress toward those goals.
  • Admissions Support: Supports the student experience by providing information about the campus and the community. Leads tour groups for current and prospective students and their families. Serves as a resource when students have questions about the university experience. Provides services to help ensure a smooth transition to university life for new students.
  • Instruction: Teaches and supervises students using lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, laboratory workshop sessions, seminars, case studies, field assignments and independent or group projects. Assists in the development of curriculum, teaching materials, and course outlines.
  • Proctor: Supports setting up test rooms, recording attendance, preventing improper conduct, the use of unauthorized aids or tools during an exam, and ensuring that all exams are turned in on time. Maintains the academic integrity of the organization and of the exams our faculty administers. Supervises the exam room to ensure that policies and guidelines are followed by all.
  • Student Support Services: Supports programs and services to enhance and support the holistic student experience. Fosters a sense of community and engagement by providing programs, services, and individual student contact. Strengthens the student experience to enhance recruitment, academic excellence, and post-graduation careers. May assist with schoolwork and everyday student living.
  • Tutoring: Provides students with individualized assistance to help them learn new concepts and complete assignments. Responsible for leading one-on-one or small group lessons that cater to the needs and goals of their students. Duties include studying lesson plans and reviewing textbooks to prepare for a lesson, assigning additional projects, and answering student questions.
  • Writing SupportSupports students at writing centers to develop essential writing skills on journal articles, writing samples, etc. by research, writing, edits, and proofs. Supports communication strategy to targeted audiences through the creative development and delivery of content. Writes and publishes information aimed at diverse audiences, ranging from the media to the public, tailoring the message and content to maximize effectiveness. Conducts fact-finding and accurately records information. Attends to client needs and clearly understands client needs. Performs quality checks of work.

Supports a variety of health care services. Duties include direct patient care, distribution of pharmaceutical products, clinical lab work or specimen (including blood) contact, and testing, processing, admitting, and transporting, etc.

  • Clinical Laboratory: Supports and performs clinical laboratory work. Assists in collecting, testing, and analyzing body fluids, tissue, and other substances. Performs cleaning, routine maintenance and other related lab work in a clinical, environmental, teaching, or research laboratory.
  • Clinical Support: Supports clinical environment by performing routine tasks in a clinical setting. Duties may include greeting or checking in patients, answering phone calls, transporting patients, stocking supplies and cleaning rooms. May provide direct patient observation and/or assist with preparation for patient admissions, transfers and discharges.
  • Patient Care: Assists members of the health care team with patient care activities in inpatient or outpatient care areas. Duties may include obtaining and recording vital signs, performing therapeutic procedures, providing comfort measures, providing direct patient observation, assisting with admission and discharge, serving food, drink, and nourishments, and transporting patients, equipment, specimens, and supplies.
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution: Assists activities associated with drug distribution and control for inpatient/outpatient and clinic patient dispensing.

Provides services in food/drink preparation and distribution, catering, and retail operations. Interacts with university faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors and represents the department with a focus on excellent customer service.

  • Bartending: Serves beverages according to standard procedure and quantity, set up, and cleanup of bar. Follows cash handling procedures for payments of beverage items, and checks identification of age.
  • Catering: Includes set up, service, and cleanup of catering events on and off campus.
  • Food Service: Includes food and beverage preparation and distribution, washing dishes, maintaining kitchen operations, food supplies, and assisting with catered events.
  • Retail Operations: Manages general product sales for food, beverages, books, apparel, gifts, and more. Stocks merchandise and cleans and sanitizes product and service areas in dining and retail areas. Cleans and maintains equipment used to display and complete sales. Provides cashiering in compliance with cash handling procedures.

Operates computers and uses/maintains software applications to provide general IT support or assists in producing information assets and creative solutions in academic/research/administration departments.

  • IT Support: Provides technical support to users by researching and answering questions, troubleshooting problems, and maintaining equipment, system, and network performance. Provides answers to clients by identifying problems, researching answers, and guiding faculty, staff, and students through corrective steps.
  • IT Specialties: Provides information technology support in the specialty areas of application programming, database administration, data analytics and business intelligence, infrastructure, security, network, information, and systems administration.

Supports library functions and operations which includes facilitating user requests and concerns at a public service point, performing technical tasks both physical and digital, and processing requests and materials.

  • Library SupportAssists library users in the operations and functions of the campus libraries. Assists with physical and digital materials questions, requests, and processes. Performs behind the scenes processing, preservation, or other operational tasks. Uses specialized equipment, software, or programs.
  • Law Library SupportProvides law and library information resources and services in the College of Law. Shelves books, catalogs, checks materials in and out of library, conducts library reference searches, and performs archival research in the Law Library.

Performs a variety of tasks related to the cleanliness, functionality, and appearance of university buildings, grounds, equipment, supplies, and property.

  • Custodial: Performs custodial responsibilities for the general maintenance of buildings. Duties may include vacuuming, shampooing, mopping, scrubbing, polishing, washing, stocking supplies, replacing light bulbs, and making beds.
  • ElectronicsAssembles and prepares electronic instrumentation of circuit boards and basic design of electronics. Orders and stocks electronic parts, acting as a troubleshooter for electronic equipment.
  • Groundskeeping: Performs a variety of tasks to maintain campus landscape and grounds. Duties may include mowing, trimming, raking, shoveling, trimming, cultivating, and operating associated equipment.
  • Housekeeping: Performs housekeeping responsibilities to maintain an attractive appearance of bedrooms, bathrooms, and furniture. Duties may include vacuuming, shampooing, dusting, scrubbing, polishing, making beds, and related activities.
  • Laundry: Washes, dries, irons, and presses materials such as sheets, pillowcases, aprons, operating room linens, towels, and shirts.
  • Maintenance: Performs general operational laboring duties as assigned. Performs manual, hand tool, and equipment work to assist in construction and maintenance, building and utility maintenance, furniture and equipment moving and set up, etc.

Operates parking and transportation services for students, faculty/staff, and visitors of the university. Provides superior customer service and safe, efficient transport to customers with adherence to all university, state, and federal laws and regulations.

  • Delivery Driver: Follows routes and time schedule, loading, transporting, and delivering items to different campus locations.
  • Field Services: Issues parking citations, directs traffic, assists motorists, and operates a motor vehicle.
  • Mechanical: Assists maintenance technicians in inspecting, maintaining, overhauling, repairing, and adjusting gas- or diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.
  • Parking Attendant: Parks cars, monitors meters and issues citations, manages cash register, directs traffic, assists motorists, drives university vehicles, etc.
  • Transit Dispatcher: Monitors and maintains the proper operation of all transit services by supervision of the transit operators and responding to service issues and public inquiries.
  • Transit Operations: Supports campus transportation operations through logistical planning, directing resources, training and/or supervising employees, and safety monitoring and promotion. Completes documentation and prepares reports relating to transportation performance, incidents, accidents, and safety.
  • Transportation Driver: Follows a planned route, transports people, makes scheduled stops, and answers questions about the route. Communicates with the dispatcher via two-way radio during the route. Provides updates to the dispatcher and reports emergencies, traffic patterns, or accidents. May train and/or supervise new student staff, including monitoring and evaluating performance, responding to safety issues, etc.

Supports the instructional, programming, and operational work within recreation to serve the campus community. Positions may include working in one of the following areas: adventure recreation, aquatics, facility operations, fitness, rowing, sport programs, or tennis. Each area will have specific job responsibilities to successfully support their function.

  • Recreational Instruction: Provides private and/or group instruction for specific recreational programs and services offered on campus.
  • Recreational Operations: Supports daily operations at the indoor/outdoor recreational facilities on campus.
  • Recreational ProgrammingSupports daily recreation programming on campus.

Supports research activities by assisting in grants administration, compliance management, experiments, investigations, literature review, data analysis or evaluations.

  • Academic Research Support: Assists with academic research and projects. Duties may include organizing and maintaining research data, documentation and compliances, analysis of data and/or evaluations, create agendas, prepare mailings, conduct phone sessions with research participants, assist with field research, provide technical assistance, assist with presentation and publication preparation.
  • Animal Care: Assists with the care of university animals. Duties may include transporting, watering, feeding, cage cleaning, maintaining data and documentation, and basic data entry.
  • Grants Administration: Provides administrative and technical assistance with grant preparation and review. May serve as a liaison between grant administration and researcher.
  • Laboratory Research: Provides laboratory assistance including solution preparation, equipment cleaning, washing and maintenance, monitoring tests and experiments in a supervised academic research setting, 3-D printing, fabricating, cataloging, and cleaning field equipment, and data entry.
  • Law Research: College of Law Research Assistant (LRA) positions are primarily intended as learning experiences, which contribute to a student’s progress toward their program of study. This is a unique classification for students currently enrolled in the College of Law.
  • Research Administration: Provides administrative support of research office functions and operations. Performs administrative duties such as triaging phone calls, scheduling meetings, filing, typing, copying, binding, scanning, etc. Serves as primary contact for department members and assists with office reception/welcome desk. May assist with basic budget review.

Promotes and supports the safety and security of UI faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors, property, and equipment. Duties may include dispatch, patrolling, monitoring alarm systems, responding to requests, and providing effective communications to university stakeholders.

  • Safety and Security Dispatcher: Provides communications utilizing multi-frequency radio, teletype, telephone, personal contact, and other means. Monitors university emergency phones and alarm systems. Responds to service requests and public inquiries. Tabulates data and completes operational reports.
  • Security: Monitors assigned area to ensure protection of people, property, and equipment. Controls and monitors access in and out of university buildings and monitors alarm systems. Reports disorderly or suspicious behavior and attempts to control the situation.

Supports supply chain operations and assures compliance with applicable policies and procedures. Duties may include inventory management, sorting mail, parcel distribution, and related activities.

  • Inventory ManagementProvides inventory and storekeeping management in compliance with OSHA standards and universal precaution policies, when applicable, of both sterile and nonsterile products including storekeeping duties, restocking supplies and carts, reprocessing instruments, etc.
  • Mail and Parcel DistributionProvides courier and/or delivery of mail, supplies, and other materials, confidential and otherwise, to areas within the department and the university. Duties include sorting, distributing and opening mail and other parcels.