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Campus Coronavirus Updates

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Absences, General Policy, Operations Manual: See also Ethics and Responsibility Statement, UI Philosophy and Expectations Regarding Staff Attendance and Use of Leave Benefits, or Work Rules as appropriate.

Acceptable Use of Technology, Operations Manual

Acceptable Use of Technology, Application

Access to Medical and Exposure Records, Operations Manual

Access to Personnel Files, Operations Manual

Accessibility Statement, Operations Manual

Accommodations for employees with disabilities

Administrative Review, Operations Manual

Administrative Surveys and Questionnaires

Adoption Leave, Employees

Adoption Leave, Operations Manual

AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement: Includes information on access to personnel files, attendance, grievance, layoffs, medical certification, medical leaves, and reduction in force.

AFSCME Grievance Procedures

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Annual Policy Notifications

Anti-Retaliation, Operations Manual

At-Will Status for P&S Staff, Operations Manual

Attendance, University Philosophy, Rules, and Requirements Regarding Leave: See also General Policy on Absences and Ethics and Responsibilities in the Operations Manual, or Work Rules as appropriate.


Background Checks


Campus Crime Information

Career Development for P&S Staff

Career Status for P&S Staff

Catastrophic Leave

Catastrophic Leave, Operations Manual

Classification Descriptions, Merit

Classification Descriptions, P&S

Classification Descriptions, SEIU

COBRA (health insurance coverage)

COGS Contract

Collective Bargaining


Competencies, Universal

Complimentary Pay Appointments

Community Expectations

Confidential Conversations

Conflict Management, Operations Manual

Conflict of Interest in Employment (Nepotism)

Conflict of Interest in the Workplace

Conflicts of Commitment and Interest, Operations Manual

Consensual Relationships Involving Students

Core Values (and UI community expectations)

Counter Offers

Credential and Criminal Background Checks


Data Collection for New Hires (pdf)

Death of a Current Employee, Information for Departments

Death of a Current Employee, Information for Families

Delegation of Signature Authority

Direct Deposit, Operations Manual

Disability Protection Policy and Accessibility Statement, Operations Manual

Disaster Preparedness Policy


Discrimination, Operations Manual

Disrupted Workplace, Operations Manual

Diversity, Charter Committee on

Diversity, Operations Manual

Domestic Partner Benefit Coverage

Double Spouse Credit

Driving Policy, Operations Manual

Drug Free Workplace, Operations Manual


Electronic Access Guidelines

Electronic Personnel Files (ePersonnel File)

Email Access Guidelines, ITS

Employee Assistance Program Eligibility Guidelines

Employee Participation in a Union Environment

Essential Marginal Job Function Analysis Form

Ethics and Responsibility Statement, Operations Manual

Ethics Point and Other Reporting Options

Exceptional Performance Pay (Merit)

Exit Process

Extra Compensation, Operations Manual

Extreme Weather Protocol, Operations Manual


Family Caregiving Leave

Family Caregiving Leave, Operations Manual

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Info for HR Reps/Supervisors

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Operations Manual

Financial Fraud Policy

Fleet Safety Program (comprehensive), Operations Manual

Flexible Pay Guidelines

Flexible Spending Accounts, Operations Manual

Flexible Work Arrangements

Foreign National Employment

Funeral Leave, Operations Manual

Furlough Networking Program

Furloughs (P&S)

Furloughs (P&S), Operations Manual


Gift Law, Operations Manual

Graduate Assistant Dismissal Procedure, Operations Manual

Graduate Assistant Grievance Procedures

Grievances, Professional and Scientific Grievance Procedures, Operations Manual

Group Life Insurance, Group and Supplementary Life


HIPAA Privacy Statement, General Information

HIPAA Privacy Statement, UI Benefits

HIV/AIDS, Operations Manual

Holiday Benefit: Part-Time, Non-Organized P&S Staff

Holidays, Operations Manual

Human Rights, Diversity, and Equality Opportunity Policies

Human Rights, Operations Manual

Human Trafficking Policy



Immigration Policies

Internal Reference Checking

Interviewing Tips for Supervisors

Inviting J1 Scholars

IOWA Award Eligibility

IowaWorks Required Posters


Job Applicant Confidentiality

Jury Duty, Operations Manual


Late Terminations

Layoffs, Merit

Layoffs, P&S Furloughs

Layoffs, Staff Nurse and Allied Health Professional Manual Covered Employees

Leaves of Absence, Information for HR Reps/Supervisors

Leaves of Absence, Operations Manual

Letters of Discipline

Life Insurance, Required Group Life

Life Insurance, Voluntary Term

Long Term Disability, Operations Manual

Long-Term Disability Insurance


Mary Jo Small Fellowship Award Eligibility

Medical Certification

Medical Files, Operations Manual

Medical Leave

Merit Classification Descriptions

Merit Rules (pdf)

Merit System Members Grievance Procedures, Operations Manual

Merit Temporary Employment

Military Leave Compensation, Operations Manual

Military Leave, FMLA Information for Employees

Military Leave, FMLA Information for HR Reps/Supervisors

Military Leave, Guidelines

Moving Policy


Name, Preferred First Name Options


New Employees, Onboarding

Nondiscrimination Statement, Operations Manual


Organ Donation Leave, Operations Manual

Orientation Checklist, HR Reps

Orientation, New Staff


P&S Classification Descriptions

P&S Grievance Policy, Operations Manual

P&S Part-Time Holiday Benefit

P&S Relationship to the University, Operations Manual

P&S Status Definitions

P&S Temporary Employment

Pall Bearer, Operations Manual

Pandemic Preparedness

Parental Leave, Information for Employees

Parental Leave, Operations Manual

Pay Plans

Performance Evaluation

Performance Review for University Staff, Operations Manual

Personnel Files, Guidelines and Best Practices

Phased Retirement

Political Expression Guidelines

Privacy, UI Benefits

Progressive Discipline


Reclassification, Merit

Reclassification, Merit to P&S

Record Retention Guidance for Search Committees

Recruitment Ambassadors

Recruitment Manual Reference Checks/Template

Recruitment Process, P&S

Red Cross Disaster Volunteers (pdf) (see 3.151(8A))

Reduction In Force (RIF), Furlough (P&S)

Reduction In Force (RIF), Merit Supervisory Exempt/Confidential (pdf) (see 3.104(4))

Reference Checks (Best Practices)


Reinstatement (pdf) (see 3.89(8A))

Relationship of P&S Staff Members to the University, Operations Manual

Religious Observance, Operations Manual

Retaliation, Operations Manual

Retirement Information

Retirement, Operations Manual

Reward and Recognition


Salary Program

Search Committee Manual, P&S and Faculty (pdf)

SEIU Classification Descriptions

SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement: Access to personnel files, attendance, grievance, layoffs, medical certification, medical leaves, reduction in force.

Sex Offender Information (Background Checks)

Sexual Harassment, Operations Manual

Sick Leave Accrual

Sick Leave Conversion to Vacation

Sick Leave Policies and Procedures

Sick Leave Policy, University Operations Manual: Includes information on leave for medically related disability, family care-giving, funerals, service as a pall bearer, adoption, and on-the-job injury.

Signature Authority

Social Media Usage

Special Compensation, Operations Manual

Specified Term for P&S Staff, Operations Manual

Spending Accounts Information

Spending Accounts, Enrollment

Spending Accounts, Operations Manual

Staff Diversity Opportunity Program

Staff Handbook

Staff Nurse and Allied Health Professional Manual Covered Employee Grievance Procedures

Statement on Diversity, Operations Manual

Student Employee Grievance Procedure, Operations Manual

Student Employment, International



Temporary Employment, Merit

Temporary Employment, P&S

Term Status for P&S Staff, Operations Manual

Term Status Use

Termination (Involuntary for Staff) Process

Termination (Voluntary for Staff) Process and Checklist

Termination of Appointment, Operations Manual

Termination Transaction Information

Tobacco Free Campus

Transfer Checklist and Exit Process

Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition Assistance, Operations Manual


UI Pandemic Influenza Response Plan (pdf)

Union Environment, Employee Participation

Universal Competencies

University Operations Manual

Unpaid Leaves of Absence, Information for HR Representatives and Supervisors

Unpaid Leaves of Absence, Operations Manual


Vacation Best Practices, Information for Employees

Vacation Guidelines, Operations Manual

Vacation, Accrual

Vacation, Policies and Procedures

Visitors in the Workplace, Operations Manual


Voting, Operations Manual


Weather Protocol, Operations Manual

Weingarten Rights

Work Rules

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Injuries, Operations Manual

Workers' Compensation Injury Reporting, Submitted online through Self Service