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Universal Competencies are those that apply to all university jobs (P&S, SEIU and Merit), support our mission, and are consistent with our core values; they are:

UI Health Care orgs and departments may utilize UI Health Care Core Values (WE CARE) as Universal Competencies requirements for P&S and SEIU staff but also utilize the Welcoming and Respectful Environment universal competency.

Professional and Scientific staff can access the Universal Competencies for your job classification by going through Self Service and your e-personnel file.

Merit staff, including confidential and supervisory, and professionals represented by SEIU should refer to the "basic" and "working" proficiency levels shown above, and discuss the specific expectations for their job with their supervisor. Staff with supervisory responsibilities may be expected to perform at a higher level of proficiency.

Colleges and divisions may identify additional competencies that apply to jobs within that organization.