Compensation and Classification

Campus Address
121-11 USB
Mailing Address

121 University Services Building, Suite 11
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911
United States

Competency Description

Ability to meet or exceed customer service needs and expectations and provide excellent service in a direct or indirect manner.  Ability to effectively transmit and interpret information through appropriate communication with internal and external customers.

Proficiency Levels & Typical Behaviors


  • Consistently provides excellent service.
  • Manages customer expectations and takes responsibility to enhance service excellence.
  • Communicates understandably; uses appropriate words, grammar and mannerisms in all mediums.
  • Seeks feedback on communication style and effectiveness.


  • Enhances service by seeking ways to add value to customer interactions/services.
  • Demonstrates sincere concern and takes responsibility when a customer complains, even if the cause of the problem lies elsewhere.
  • Listens to feedback without defensiveness and uses it to enhance communication effectiveness.
  • Communicates in alternative ways to accommodate different listeners.


  • Participates in developing a variety of effective ways to deal with service challenges.
  • Models service delivery and coaches others to deliver excellent service in a variety of settings.
  • Communicates well with direct reports, peers, leadership, and external constituents.
  • Utilizes various methods for information sharing and information gathering. Modifies process(es) to enhance service.


  • Effectively uses a broad range of methods in communicating complex ideas to diverse populations.
  • Monitors profession/field/discipline for trends and implements innovative solutions to enhance service.
  • Builds successful track record of superior personal and organizational service delivery in diverse environments.
  • Promotes excellence achieved through reports or other media for distribution to internal and/or external constituents and the professional community.